[Fashion] New In: Missguided

Dogtooth print dress £24.99 / Pastel pink duster coat £34.99 / Green high waisted trousers £24.99 / Cobalt cami dress £24.99

Rose print high waisted trousers £24.99 / Green velvet bomber jacket £24.99 / Tartan skirt £19.99 / Check print duster coat £34.99

I spend an awful lot of my lunchtimes browsing the New In sections of my favourite online stores. I Pin my lust haves but very rarely share them on here. I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to know that that is now at an end, hoorah! First up is Missguided. I have to admit, I only own two things from here: a striped cami and a galaxy print dip hem vest top. I follow them on all social media platforms but rarely go and have a good browse. I have to say that I’m majorly impressed with what they have available right now.

The houndstooth dress and the high-waisted floral trousers have gone straight onto my Christmas wish list. I’m 5ft 10 and struggle to find dresses that cover my arse and trousers that reach my ankles, but the models wearing these are both around my height, so it looks like Missguided are the answer to saving my modesty! The cami dress is perfect for a dinner date without looking too formal, and cobalt is one of my go-to colours at the moment, along with deep greens.

That end of the spectrum is covered off nicely by the tailored high waist trousers and the velvet bomber jacket. I’m a total sucker for velvet, especially at this time of year. I’ve just bought a pair of velvet lace-ups from Topshop and it’s only a matter of time until I drag out my old vintage purple velvet dress which I adore. I think I’d wear the bomber jacket with the tartan skirt too, just to ram two trends together. Maybe I’ll cause a fashion implosion.

And finally the duster jackets. I can feel an entire blog post about these coming on as I keep being drawn back to them. They’re so perfect for a night out when you don’t want something too heavy, and I love that at a minimum they’ll be knee length. As they don’t do up I can swish around in one but still be warm with a big chunky scarf. There’s so many of them that I want, but I managed to whittle it down to these two; one is completely unsurprising as I’m obsessed with check prints at the moment the other a little more daring for me as I rarely wear a big block of pink. But for this one, I could make the leap!

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