[Fashion] Russell and Bromley Black Patent Loafers

When Winter kicks in, all brands talk about are boots. I get this; they’re cosy and warm and waterproof, but sometimes I just want a pair of flats. The thing is, it rains a lot in London and the puddles are plenty. My favourite pair of studded Jeffrey Campbell flats are starting to come to the end of their life, as I found out on the way to a job interview and turned up feeling like I’d just waded through the Thames to get there.

I spent half an hour in Russell & Bromley trying on just two pairs of shoes. I could not make up my mind between the black patent loafers and the oxblood chelsea boots. I can’t help but be drawn to anything in oxblood, maroon, burgundy or anything along that part of the colour spectrum – it’s my Autumn/Winter shade that goes perfectly with my grey and black staples. But NO! I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BUY BOOTS! This was not the plan and I must stick to the plan! I wanted flats so I was buying flats.

So I bought flats.

Russell and Bromley Keeler Tassel Loafers £165

Shiny, shiny patent leather with the cutest secretarial style tassels on the front. Simple, elegant and a shoe that literally will go with anything. So far I’ve worn them with jeans, skirts and dresses; with tights and without, with sparkly socks and nay. They have an androgynous feel that leans towards prim and proper office-wear, but when I wear them they feel so luxurious. 

And they’re available in oxblood. Uh oh…

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