[Fashion] The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Layering

I love seeing street fashion photos of people completely nailing ‘layering’. I think people can look so chic wrapped up in contrasting fabrics and colours; a scarf up around their face, a shirt poking out of a thick jumper topped with a chunky cardigan.

I cannot do this. I overheat. If I wear a long sleeved shirt under a jumper my face will go red, I’ll start getting a sweaty top lip, and I’ll need to take the jumper off only a few steps after leaving my house. I can wear each of these things separately and generally my layering is made up of a lot of big shiny jewellery, or at most, a scarf.

Denim collar bib £10 – River Island

White shirt collar bib £10 – River Island

Embellished shirt collar bib £15 – River Island

I discovered these genius collar bibs in River Island and they are the answer to my layering prayers. When you’re wearing a jumper it looks like you have a shirt on underneath, with the collar and buttons on show, but without the cumbersome long sleeves or hassle of tucking seams in. Onlookers are none the wiser; in fact, I had one girl at work comment on how she always struggles to wear shirts underneath jumpers and it really annoys her.

You can see here some quick pics I took when getting ready in the morning, one of which shows the denim collar bib by itself, and then underneath a jumper. I was thrilled by how authentic it looked and couldn’t help but tell people at work all day about my secret trick!

What do you think of this lazy way of layering?

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