[Life] What Would I Say to My Younger Self ?

I recently read an awesome post over on Absolutely Lucy about the advice that she would give herself at various stages of her life. It got me thinking about what I would say to myself and I was instantly jealous that I hadn’t thought of this topic myself. So I tweeted Lucy and asked if she’d consider making it a tag so that more bloggers could write a post in the same style without directly ripping of her idea, and she said yes!

I’ve written slightly different age groups as I’m a few years older than Lucy and although her post stopped at 22, the four years following that for me were probably the most challenging and exciting in my life so far. So here it goes.

Advice to Charlie aged 5 – 11

1. Don’t wish you had an Easy-Bake Oven. Get in the kitchen and watch Mum do her magic; you’ll be a baking fiend in the future!
2. Step-brother Saturdays may be annoying but they’ll create some wonderful family memories.
3. Don’t get annoyed with a little sister following you everywhere; she’s one of the most amazing people you know.
4. Keep writing. Just don’t stop.

Advice to Charlie aged 11 – 16

1. Pay more attention in French class – it’s an adult cliche but you’ll regret not being fluent in a second language.
2. Ditch those toxic friends sooner. Friends don’t make you feel bad about yourself.
3. Your hair is awesome. Honest. You just need to learn how to tame it and get a good hairdresser!
4. No point arguing with Mum – within 10 years you will have pretty much turned into her.

Advice to Charlie aged 16 – 18

1. EAT ALL THE CAKE. It won’t start sticking until you’re about 24.
2. Trust your instincts. They’ll stop you from getting hurt in the future.
3. Stop panicking about exams. Knuckle down and you’ll be fine.
4. Smoking’s not cool. It’s expensive.

Advice to Charlie 18 – 21

1. Stop putting off things in the fear of being hurt again. Not everyone is the same.
2. You don’t have to like everyone at uni.
3. Having a job at university is one of the best decisions you’ll make.
4. Get relevant work experience, it’ll help you so much in the future.

Advice to Charlie 21 – 26

1. Pay your dues and it’ll all work out just fine.
2. Start saving your money please.
3. Friends move away and it sucks. Don’t mope about it, just go and visit them!
4. Your career is important, but make time for yourself. No-one wants to burn out before 30!

Now it’s my turn to tag some bloggers that I love, so I pick:

– AJ at Writer’s Block and Broken Lenses (who happens to make a lovely appearance in my aged 16-18 pic!)
– Winnie at Diamond Canopy
– Lily at Lily Lipstick
– Dee at Prompts By Dee

Let me know if you do one of these posts yourself!

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