[Fashion] My Christmas Wardrobe

santa claus tshirt and gold midi skirt
I’m wearing:
Santa t-shirt – Primark
Gold skirt – vintage eBay find

Everyone owns a Christmas jumper. I’m not going to harp on about the best ones to find on the high street as there’s plenty of blog posts out there that can do that better than me. What I did want to show you though, is how you can wear something Christmassy without it just being in knitted form.
A couple of weekends ago I was invited to the Bloggers Christmas Party, and then headed over to the Prince Charles Cinema for their Christmas Movie Pyjama Party. Clearly these two events demanded festive outfits, so I dug deep into my wardrobe and found some garish but awesome things to shamelessly wear in public.

First up, the Bloggers Christmas Party

I love this t-shirt from last year’s Christmas range at Primark. It brings enough tack to an outfit which can be made even more festive with a bit of shimmer. I got so many compliments from other bloggers on the skirt, and the best bit? I got it for 99p on eBay at about 2am when nobody else was bidding. Winner! Massive thank you to Olivia and Nadja for inviting me to the party – I had a blast and can’t wait for next year’s!

And so, on to the Pyjama Party.

christmas gingerbread man jumper and coca cola pyjama bottoms
I’m wearing:
Christmas jumper – Primark (this season)
Coca-Cola pyjama bottoms – George at Asda
Scarf – H&M

As I wrote a couple of days ago, a 12 hour movie marathon requires some comfy clothing! My mum sent both me and my sister a surprise package a few weeks ago with the best Christmas pyjama bottoms ever. Not only do they have the Coca-Cola lorry all over them, but the waistband says ‘Holidays are Coming’ which I’ve taken great pleasure in singing at my boyfriend whenever I wear them. Primark really do have a great selection of Christmas jumper, some complete with pom-poms and bells, and some even sing! If you don’t want to spend upwards of £20 on something you’ll only wear once a year, I highly suggest you head on down there.

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