The Disney Princess Jumper

disney princess jumper outfit
I’m wearing:
Disney Princess jumper – Truffle Shuffle
Jeans – J Brand
Patent zip front boots – Topshop 


disney princess jumper for adults

Excuse me while I wear THE BEST JUMPER EVER. I don’t jump into gross misuse of capital letters easily, but this jumper makes me so supremely happy every time I wear it. For me that’s the whole point of fashion: wear something that makes you feel special and that you enjoy wearing. If it’s painful or uncomfortable, that’s OK; if you strut down the street oblivious to every pinch of new shoes or wedgie from new pants, then it’s worth it. This jumper just so happens to be extremely comfortable as well as garnering admiring looks from women and bemused looks from men. The cherry on the cake though?


Just some casual Beyonce lyrics emblazoned on the back, as you do. Take this as it is though: an awesome find in the Topshop sale. It’s not a feminist statement (although it’s undertones are not lost or disagreed on by me); it’s embracing three things I love: Disney, Beyonce, and garish patterns. Who runs the world?!


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