Hello 2015!

When it came to making New Year Resolutions for 2014, I only had one: do more to make myself happier. 2013 was one of the worst years of my life and all I wanted for 2014 was to make sure I wasn’t so bloody miserable all the time! So this year has seen me get the travel bug big time with trips to Australia, Hong Kong, China, Germany and France, all of which have made me grow massively as a person and encourage me to see even more of the world.
I’ve also taken the plunge and moved in with my boyfriend (still a terrifying prospect even four months in!) and quit my job of three years. It’s been a year of massive changes, all of which can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, but overall it’s been a really amazing twelve months and I’m determined to make 2015 as incredible with a couple of positive resolutions:

Save money

It’s hit me that I’m well into my 20s now and I have nowhere near enough money to invest in a property. It sounds dull, but it’s something I need to seriously think about for my future, so I have a number in my head that I’d like to reach by this time next year and that’s my goal. I have a plan in place (which involves a LOT less shopping) and I should be able to make it if I’m strict on myself!

woman sat in moving van
Moving house this year was hard! This was just what I had in my small flat, imagine if I owned a whole house!

Keep travelling

Yes, I want to save money. But I’ve loved travelling so much this year that I am determined to keep it up. There are so many places I’d like to visit, but I need to come to a definite decision about what I’d like to do and save for it accordingly. I already have a trip to Barcelona planned for my sister-in-law’s hen-do, and a week in Italy for my best friend’s wedding, but I don’t just want to be going away for other people’s weddings! My big holiday for next year is hopefully going to be to Abu Dhabi to visit one of my best friends who lives over there now. Watch this space!

badaling great wall of china
Visiting the Great Wall of China was one of the highlights of my year

Be healthier

A standard New Year’s Resolution, I know, but I’ve already started this by signing back up to the gym a few weeks ago. At the beginning of 2014 I weighed the most I ever have before and it was really getting me down. I wasn’t obese or anything, but I was unhappy with myself and knew that if I didn’t stop it soon that I could get myself into a worse situation very quickly. I just need to kick as much cake and keep going to the gym. Easy, right?!

red face after exercise
My first gym session in over a year made me look like a beetroot

Wearing what I want

This needs a bit of an explanation. I obviously where what I want, but I hold myself back a lot thinking, ‘Maybe I should save this outfit for another time.’ This means the majority of the time I don’t like what I’m wearing as I go for something much more uninspired. My wardrobe needs a mass clear out anyway, but from now on I’m just going to wear what I feel like and I’m hoping it’ll make the everyday much more fun!

floral garland necklace
Floral garlands? If I want to, yes!

Thank you all so much for reading Charlie, Distracted this year. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog so much more than every before and will be trying really hard to make it bigger and better in 2015. Wishing you all a very happy new year!

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