The Pink Duster Coat

I’m wearing:
Pink duster coat – Missguided
Black tshirt – Speedway*
Jeans – J Brand
Necklace – To:wn Design
Skater shoes – Asos

It is still so cold outside, but I spotted snowdrops the other day so I’m insisting that it’s Spring. My big warm coats are great, but I’m really looking forward to wearing thinner layers that battle the evil air con in my office but aren’t too heavy as the days get warmer.
This pink duster coat from Missguided makes me feel a bit like I’m wearing an oversized blazer or a lab coat; these are not bad things. I have pretty narrow shoulders, so I can’t wear anything too tailored as it has to be small enough at the top but big enough for, you know, boobs. Duster coats flow and don’t have fastenings; they’re good for wrapping around and holding with a belt, but I’ve been leaving mine open for the moment to show off my ever-amazing Wrecking Ball necklace.

pink duster coat


glitter skater shoes

I love these glittery skater shoes. When I can’t be bothered to put an outfit together, they sparkle with my standard uniform of J Brand jeans and my ultimate favourite black tee from Speedway, and I’ve had a ton of compliments on them. I’ve seen a lot of skater shoes at press shows and I think my next pair will be some with chain detailing. What do you think of this pair?


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