Tatty Devine T-Rex Necklace

t rex necklace

Introducing my new pet: Bolan, the T-Rex.

Oh I do adore a statement necklace! My collection of them is really starting to get out of control, covering everything from skulls, crescent moons, chains and beetles, there’s always something to make a plain boring top or dress so much more exciting. But none as much as this.

tatty devine t rex necklace

dinosaur necklace

This dinosaur necklace is the jewel in my Tatty Devine obsession crown (they probably make one of those, the lovely perspex geniuses). I’ve got a stupid amount of their beautiful necklaces, however, when I received this for Christmas I let out a genuine squeak of joy. It’s so incredibly intricate; every bone that makes up the body moves independently making it seem like the rediscovered individual pieces of a fossil. It swings down to around my collar bone, so, despite it looking like a overwhelmingly large necklace, it’s no bigger than the low impact chains most people will wear it just catches the eye more. The thing about statement necklaces is that you can wear them over anything – don’t be shy and just put them over a plain jumper; this one has been worn with breton stripes, polka dots and florals, but maybe that’s just because I’m so desperately in love with it; I’d wear it to bed if it wasn’t so delicate.

This necklace was inspired by Dippy at the Natural History Museum, and although he may be going soon, Bolan the T-Rex is anything but extinct. And I desperately wish I could think of a T-Rex lyrical pun to finish this post…

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