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degusta box february

Who could possibly say that having a box of food delivered right to your door isn’t appealing? I spend an unholy amount of time wandering the aisles of Waitrose and willing myself not to buy something new that I just do not need. A recent trip home to Milton Keynes included a visit to the massive ASDA there where I gleefully skimmed the shelves for ingredients I may not be able to get on a regular daily shop (helloooooooo to a massive bag of chana dal). This month’s Degusta Box* was true to form in its variety and surprise value; I had a whale of a time looking through as always!


melba thins review

Jack Link’s Beef Snack: Beef. Snack. Not generally two words I would put together happily, and to be honest after this, it’s still two words that I’d dubiously connect. I’ve never really been a fan of beef jerky products which tend to be drier and tougher, whereas this was more chewy. It was like a more sturdy Pepperami and I can’t say I really enjoyed it!

Melba Thins: When I saw this I did a full blown woop of glee! I absolutely love Melba thins, I have had a packet in my cupboard almost permanently since university as it’s such a great quick snack. They are the perfect little savoury pick-up, especially as when I’m trying to eat healthy I find it so hard to find snack food with a proper crunch. I’ve been eating these with some light Philadelphia and slices of cucumber as office snacks and I couldn’t be happier.

Schwartz Flavour Shots (Spanish Paella / Indian Mild Masala): Everyone seems to be jumping on the flavour shots train and they are a regular feature in Degusta Boxes. As I’ve said before, I prefer to make meals from scratch, so it takes more effort for me to try these than most other things. ‘Mild’ isn’t really a word that I associate with curry, so I added a load of chillis to this meal! The basic flavours are definitely good and I do see the appeal of these for those who have less time or inclination in the kitchen.


healthy snacks

American Muffin Company Chocolate Chip Muffins: The big draw for these is that they are gluten free and wheat free, and in all fairness, I couldn’t tell the difference between these and other American muffins. I don’t really like these types of muffins – they just taste very manufactured, but if you do have allergies and you like this type of sweet snack, you’re on to a winner.

Whole Earth Three Nut Butter: I’ll be honest, the only time I eat peanut butter is when I put them into cookies. This butter is made up of cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts so it’s not quite as tart, but it does still have a nice sweetness to it which is good considering there’s no added sugar. Again, this is a great snack for the office with some apple slices.

Lily O’Brien’s Cocoa Cookie Crunch: These are little clusters of sheer gluttony and I devoured them in what I think may actually have been seconds. They are more of a luxury, presented in pouches and served up in chunks that need three good bites to get through. There’s the crunch of biscuit inside and creamy milk chocolate over the top – looking misshapen but tasting so bloody good.

Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Bar: A guy I know drinks beetroot juice before he goes to the gym. I cannot think of anything worse. These bars make it a lot more palatable but it’s still not a Dairy Milk. Beetroot is apparently proven to lower blood pressure and improve sports performance and these are made to be eaten up to half an hour before exercise. I tried it, but it was very grainy and artificially sweet and with each bar being over 200 calories, I’m not quite on board yet.


peanut butter hot drink

Peanut Hottie Hot Drink: I’m actually not new to the this peanut butter flavour hot drink as my stepdad is quite a fan. As I said before, I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter and this is extremely peanut butter-y. I think this is a bit of a Marmite product: if you love peanut butter, you will fall over yourself to try this and undoubtedly will love it!

Laimon Fresh Soft Drink: I don’t drink fizzy drinks, but I can occasionally be tempted by a Sprite, so I do love a lemon and lime drink. I am not a fan of mint flavours so I was worried that this would be a bit like drinking mouthwash. Actually, the mint only came as an aftertaste – I could kind of taste it as I breathed out, so it was a bit like having a Sprite and then having a chewing gum. They say you can mix it with white rum to make a mojito too, so this could be a good one for the Summer.

(I was sent the February Degusta Box for complimentary review and all opinions are honest and unbiased)

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