Morty & Bob’s Grilled Cheese Pop-Up

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When an email pops into your inbox on a miserable mid-week afternoon inviting you to a grilled cheese tasting, it’s hard not to jump up from desk and do a little happy dance. If you’re a regular visitor to these pages, you’ll be pretty aware that I am a cheese fiend – whether it’s in a fondue or next to a big glass of red wine in Paris, cheese is the answer.


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Morty & Bob’s will be popping up at The Hat and Tun pub in Farringdon at the end of March and serving some real treats to go along with your pint. There are three sandwiches on the menu, each using a three-cheese blend using British varieities sourced from Neal’s Yard Dairy, and put between thick slices of artisan sourdough bread and covered in their secret cheese sauce. That’s right: three cheeses and cheese sauce.

grilled cheese sandwiches

First up: The Hock – grilled cheese with smoked ham hock, relish and English mustard.
They even have the option of free Marmite so I whacked some of that on too! Salty ham with sweet relish and stringy cheese sticking it all together, it would be the world’s best hangover cure, but it went pretty well with the pale ale I was drinking too.

Next was the one I was looking forward to the most: Mushroom and Truffle – grilled cheese with sauteed mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil.
You can ask for bacon as an extra but as I’d already had The Hock I didn’t think it was necessary. I love mushrooms and cheese together anyway, and the truffle oil added a richness that was nuttier than just being slathered in butter. It had an earthier taste than the previous, if The Hock is a hangover breakfast, this is a hearty brunch on a Sunday afternoon with friends.

grilled cheese sandwich

Finally I had The Straight-Up – the signature grilled cheese with mixed onions.
I almost didn’t try this one, but was genuinely surprised when it came out as my definite favourite. Flavoursome, rich, salty but tangy – it is a cheese fan’s dream. Each crunch of the toasted sourdough poured liquid cheese out meaning it’s not exactly the most dignified way of eating, but who really gives a crap when it tastes so good?

Morty & Bob’s is cheese toasties for grown-ups yet makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. A cheese based pop-up based in a pub? It’s like the mothership calling me home! You can check them out for yourself from 5.30pm – 9pm Wednesday 18th March – Friday 20th March, and again at the same time from 25th – 27th March. With such a limited run, make sure you make an effort to head down there – we can’t just rely on the rumours of a permanent residence!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the press preview of Morty & Bob’s. All opinions are truthful and unbiased.

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