Degusta Box: March

degusta box review

I’m pretty sure that this month’s Degusta Box* is the best I’ve had yet. Everything in there was SO delicious and I’ve definitely found a few products that will be a regular feature in my kitchen cupboards.


jordans cereal lindor chocolate

Jordans Strawberry and Blueberry Lighter Granola: I went through a massive granola phase a while ago thinking it was healthier than cereal, but it turns out it often isn’t. I’m happy to report that this ‘lighter’ version is just as sweet without tasting synthetic, and it is much better topped with natural yoghurt and fresh blueberries than with milk which actually just made it go soggy and a bit miserable. This is definitely a new breakfast favourite!

Lindt Lindor Mixed Chocolate Eggs: It’s no secret that Lindor is my favourite chocolate. When I had the bastardised version in Australia I threw a genuine strop (damn those anti-melting agents) and it’s haunted me ever since. I’ve only ever had the milk ones before which is odd as I love dark chocolate but I dislike white. Somehow Lindt have come up with a product that makes me like white chocolate as well as love dark and milk chocolate even more. Dangerous!

Natvia Natural Sweetener: I don’t take sugar in tea or coffee so I tried this on a bowl of cornflakes instead. Over the years I’ve weened myself off adding sugar to cereal (because two tablespoons of sugar on Rice Krispies is amazing) so this was quite a treat. The sweetener is pretty chunky so it’s more like granulated rather than caster sugar but once it disolves in milk you’d never notice the difference. And it’s calorie free so you’re winning all round.

Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix: These disappeared pretty quickly when I put them on my coffee table for general household consumption. Jelly Babies are a classic and I’ve always preferred them to harder sweets like wine gums. And I can’t stand citrus flavoured things, especially in sweets, so for these to be entirely berry flavoured was a blessing and a curse!

Maynard’s Sour Patch Kids: I could eat those fizzy strawberry laces until I pass out from a sugar overdose and I loooooooooove a sour apple from an old sweet shops so these chewy sweets went down very well. They aren’t viciously sour (which is kind of a shame) but they have a little kick and then they go sweet, back to what you’d be used to. Great for those who are maybe too wimpy for a full blown sour attack.


bbq sauce spicy noodles

Original Bayrische BBQue Sauce: I’m so easily lured in by sexy packaging and this bottle just cries, “MANLY SAUCE FOR MEAT YEAH”. There’s ingredients in here more familiar with beer: hops and malt; both used here for the same thing: colour and bitterness. Then there’s honey, cranberry and apple which even out the bittnerness. It was tangy and perfect with grilled chicken so I just need an invite to a bbq now – who wants me round for dinner?

Kents Kitchen Spicy Szechuan Posh Noodles:  I was working from home sick on the day this month’s box was delivered. I had rotten flu and hadn’t left the house to get food so I was very happy to find this inside. All I had to do was add boiling water and there was plenty in there. I should have stirred it a bit more thoroughly as the flavouring at the bottom didn’t totally disintegrate, but thankfully it wasn’t brutally spicy and it certainly helped clear out my sinuses.

Brioche Pasquier Bacon Baked Bread Bites: Remember Frazzles? Do you like croutons? Then you’ll love these! Although bacon is easily my favourite food, I don’t like bacon flavoured things so I wasn’t such a fan of these. My boyfriend however, loved them and ate the two bags from the box in quick succession. 


crabbies fruit flavours review

Crabbies Black Cherry and Raspberry and Rhubarb Alcoholic Ginger Beers: STOP EVERYTHING. I’ve found my perfect Summer tipple. Crabbies Raspberry and Rhubarb is sweet, crisp, fruity and so delicious. You may have seen me write before that I adore Cawston Press Rhubarb Juice and this is basically an alcoholic version of that. I totally love it. Cherry I’m not so much of a fan of, so I took this down to my parents’ house for Easter and they too fell head over heels for these new flavours. Bring on the sunshine!

Juice Burst Cranberry and Mango and Lime: I don’t tend to drink much juice, unless it’s with brunch (I don’t think I’ve ever written something so middle class…). I took the cranberry one on the tube on the way into work the other day after chilling it in the fridge overnight and it made the first warm days travelling that bit better. Both juices pack a punch of fruitiness and are so refreshing over ice in the sunshine. Don’t like the Crabbies above? Have one of these instead.

Tg Iced Green Tea with Ginseng and JujubeI love green tea and surprisingly I also love it chilled (Yumchaa do a great one with peach). I was excited to try this out and I was really pleased that it was delicious. It was like drinking an iced tea with that weak but noticeable taste of leaves and a twist from the ginseng. Only 30 calories too, so if you’re trying to cut down on your sugary drinks, this would be a great alternative.

(I was sent the March Degusta Box for complimentary review and all opinions are honest and unbiased)

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