Roll Neck and Palazzo Pants

how to wear palazzo pants

I feel like I’m making some braver fashion choices recently. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my standard uniform of skinny jeans, boots and jumpers, but occasionally I try something new, whether it’s with a pattern or a cut. With an upcoming press day at work, I kitted myself out in product from the store and went a little out of my comfort zone, but with the main focus of being comfortable as I knew I’d be on my feet all day. I ended up with this outfit.


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I’ve shied away from high neck tops before because I get so bloody hot, but after buying a Michael Kors roll neck from a sample sale and completely falling in love with it, I’ve got more used to them. This one is even more bearable as it’s sleeveless, and I like a ribbed fit too. I’ve worn it with high waisted jeans too which is pretty good for casual nights out. But in this case there is a whole heap of material going on below the waist.

how to wear palazzo pants


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Palazzo trousers, if too fitted, can look preeeeeeeeetty damn shite on a woman like me who is ‘blessed’ in the hip department. But with a flare all over the shop like this Betty Jackson.Black pair, it’s almost like a maxi skirt. They’re quite translucent, and I imagine if you’re a bit more high fashion you’d wear some cycling shorts or the type of big granny pants that I wear anyway, but which only supermodels can make look couture. I went for leggings to cover a bit of modesty, especially considering I was in bright lights all day; I didn’t want to inflict my arse on the general public. What they don’t tell you about palazzos is they are so unbelievably comfortable. So much room! Kind of like pyjamas…

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outfit of the day

Again, as I was stood up all day I wanted shoes that wouldn’t cripple me, so heels were definitely out (some of my colleagues were a bit braver than me!). Instead I went for H! by Henry Holland flatform sliders. The tyre tread bottom makes them slightly less clumpy to walk in and I didn’t have to grip my toes severely to keep them on. I wore them for ten hours, and flashed them to Henry himself when he came down to the show – I couldn’t resist. The rings are from Call It Spring and I wear a lot of them in one go. They tend to fall off anyway, so the more the merrier.

I can’t even think of the last time I bought an entire outfit in one go, so wearing these three pieces separately is a bit beyond my comprehension at the moment. Give me a few weeks, I’ll figure it out! Let me know how you’d wear each item in the comments.

Disclaimer: Although I work for Debenhams, I have not been paid or asked to write this post.


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