A Low Maintenance Guide to Long Lasting Make-Up

quick make up routine

I spend approximately seven minutes each morning on my make-up. I have a base of concealer and foundation, then mascara and maybe a lip colour. It is a basic routine, interspersed with evenings of painting my nails, that I know I can do without a mirror and just gives me a little more get-up-and-go for the day ahead. I also very rarely carry a make-up bag around with me predominantly because I’m not bothered but also I’m far too lazy to refresh my make-up throughout the day.

Over the years as my make-up routine has become increasingly more basic, I’ve discovered some products and tips which means I don’t look like a water-damaged Picasso by the end of every day:

1) Wear a primer

clinique primer

I’ll be honest, I’ve known for years that I should wear a primer, but it wasn’t until I had some applied as part of my bridesmaid make-up that I became a convert. I have the most confusingly combination skin, so my foundation could be flaking around my chin but sliding right off my forehead at the same time. I mix a little squeeze of primer in with my moisturiser to cover all eventualities, and it means my base actually lasts all day.

Primer of choice: Clinique Superprimer for Redness

2) Apply a gel top coat to nail varnish

gel top coat

at home uv gel nails

This is one of the best beauty hacks I’ve ever discovered. My nails are almost always painted, but within hours they are chipped and looking a bit miserable. The gel top coat from United Beauty* is literally as simple as painting a layer over your regular polish (which has to be bone dry) and placing them under a UV light which comes with the kit for just 30 seconds. Ta-dah! Nails are dry, un-chippable for at least a week, and easily peeled right off. Totally stupid proof.

Top coat of choice: United Beauty Gel Touch 

3) Constantly wear lip balm

mac lipstick

If I’m not wearing lipstick I am always wearing lip balm. I guess it’s the same reason people exfoliate and moisturise between fake tanning (not that I’ve ever done that, but I have pale friends that love the stuff); it means you’re always prepped for painting some kind of colour on yourself. It’s the first thing I do when I get out of the shower in the morning and the last thing I do at night, and since it’s been a regular part of my routine I find my lip colour lasting for so much longer.

Lip balm of choice: Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturiser

4) Only wear mascara on top lashes

too faced mascara better than sex

I suck at putting on mascara. If there isn’t a cotton bud dowsed in eye make-up remover to hand then I will end up looking a hot mess. As a result of this I got royally pissed off and one day just wore mascara on my top lashes. I noticed that at the end of the day I didn’t look like an emotionally traumatised panda an that this was, in fact, a success. With less mascara to attack my face it actually stays put and fellow commuters aren’t terrified when I head home from the office.

Mascara of choice: Too Faced Better Than Sex

Have you got any make-up hacks to share? Go on, make my life easier…

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