How to Wear a Denim A-Line Skirt

denim a line button skirt

I love jeans for their versatility. No matter what situation I have to dress for you can guarantee that I’ll have considered a pair of jeans at some point, but with other denim items I can struggle. Denim’s stiff nature can mean shirts gape at the chest and skirts don’t have the give to allow me to sit down without flashing some lucky strangers. The thing is, I reeeeeeeeally like this skirt so I just figured I’d get it and then make it work.


how to wear a line skirt
I’m wearing:
Tshirt – Weekday
Denim skirt – H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Brogues – Rocha John Rocha at Debenhams
Bag (just seen) – Mulberry (Kensal)


denim skirt stripped tee


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It’s not that short, as long as you’re not walking behind me up a flight of stairs, but it’s not the length that drew me to it. The A-line shape is more flattering than a straight forward mini, the indigo colour hints at the 70s, and the brassy buttons aren’t garish and lend to a well-loved feel. It’s cute, but that’s not really how I roll. So, on to making it ‘Charlie’.

I have a heavy reliance on breton tees to make any outfit work. I love this slouchy cotton one I picked up from Weekday on my recent trip to Oslo. I’ve also worn it recently with high-waisted black jeans, heels and chunky gold chain. There’s a certain sort of confidence gleaned from putting together a very simple outfit for a night out – no extravagance. Anyway…

There is quite a few shades of blue going on here but I’m hoping that the shoes make it less match-y. The patchwork faux suede covers a raised platform brogue which is just the hint of masculinity I wanted in order to offset a potentially dainty outfit.

My next outfit post is about as girly as you can get though so I’m all about evening things up!

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