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One word can sum up this month’s Degustabox*: sweet. There was just a lot of sugar, so it’s taken me a little while to write this review as I’ve had to stagger tasting them all so I don’t crash and burn in a dribbly mess. There were some genuinely great finds though and I particularly loved the hemp oil and Weetabix drinks – they’ll be new additions to my regular shop.


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Weetabix On the Go: I’m a big fan of breakfast and recently I made the heart wrenching decision to cut out sugary cereal in the week to avoid the dreaded 11am energy slump. I was pretty dubious to try these but they actually have the sweetness I miss from cereal and remarkably kept me full until lunch. It was literally like a milkshake, no ‘bits’ of Weetabix as I’d anticipated, but not sickly for first thing in the morning.

Newton’s Appl Fizzics: I’ve never been one for fizzy drinks but occasionally I’ve been known to indulge in an Appletiser. That is the natural comparison for this product really. It’s definitely not as tart as its predecessor, primarily because its tang comes purely from naturally occurring sugars rather than added nasties, which makes it much more appealing to me (especially if mixed with vodka which was surprisingly yum).

Lambrini So Strawberry: You know how people say that you always remember the drink that gave you your first hangover? I felt a little queasy when I saw a bottle of Lambrini in the box this month. Years of being a student and necking low price plonk has made me a bit of a snob when it comes to wine and as such I was not a fan. Flavoured wine will inevitably go own a storm with hen parties in Blackpool, but not so much with me.


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Say Yes to No Toasted Bread Chips: These are like giant croutons. Thicker than a cracker or a crisp, they have a goo old crunch to them. There’s less fat in these than your regular packet of Walkers and the sour cream and onion flavour is perfect for dipping in salsa when indulging in a Netflix binge.

Fru Snax: Ah, the forever quest to find healthy snacks for the office. These bags are a mix of dried fruit pieces and yoghurt melts. The latter looks like tiny Rennies and at first taste a tiny bit powey but quickly melt down to a gooey fruity  centre. Not having a massive sweet tooth, I couldn’t finish a pack in one sitting but I did nibble on them throughout the day at work.

Jele Beautie: Apparently Jele is Thailand’s best-selling jelly snack. It certainly beats Rowntree’s for cute packaging but I can’t say I’ve eaten much jelly since I’ve been, you know, a grown-up. These little pouches are very sweet and bizarre – I can’t say I’ve ever sucked jelly through  straw before. They’d be perfect for picnics or long car journeys, especially for kiddies.

Taking the Pea Wasabi Peas: I always associate wasabi peas with a bowl of posh pub snacks; I’ve never seen them available to eat at home but then I’ve never really liked them so I haven’t looked. They have other flavours that sounds delicious though, like sweet chilli, so I’m well up or trying those because frankly I’m a sucker for cute packaging.


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Good Oil Hemp Oil: I’m making it a new mission of mine to understand what the difference is between the bazillion oils available in the supermarkets these days. Hemp oil apparently has 25x more Omega 3 than olive oil and half the saturated fat. It has a slightly bitter smell but the taste wasn’t strong at all. I’ve used it for salad dressings, meat marinades and to fry things in and it hasn’t negatively affected the taste of anything. If it’s healthier and tastes similar to olive oil then consider me converted.

Tasty Little Numbers Microwave Meals: I’ve spoken previously about my skepticism of ready meals but ever the committed blogger I of course trie these out. At 200 calories I view them very much as a snack but more disciplined people may have them for lunch. The sausage and beans one basically tasted like the Heinz tinned version which was a total guilty pleasure, but I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to try the chicken tikka one – a good curry is something I hold extremely sacred and I don’t think this will fit the bill.

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