How to Wear Double Denim

My friend once told me that double denim is also known as the Canadian Tuxedo. This was completely news to me but she’s from Toronto so who am I to argue? I think the Canadians are on to something though. I may look back at this outfit in a few years time and wonder what the hell I was doing, but I don’t think I look like I’ve been dunked into a Levi’s factory head first…


denim duster coat
I’m wearing:
Denim duster coat – Iris & Ink
Top – Debenhams
Jeans – ASOS
Bag – ASOS
Shoes – Faith
Sunglasses – Miu Miu

Two bits of denim, but both totally different. My jeans are mom fit, arrogantly pre-distressed and that lovely pale blue you expect from denim. The duster coat is indigo which I think is an under appreciated colour for denim I think; it’s loose fitting, doesn’t cling to my jeans and ties at the back. The only similarity is that they are both, of course, denim, and that’s what makes it totally work.


best uk fashion bloggers
Spot the photographer…

The loose fit of the coat and jeans risked me looking a bit frumpy, so I wore a closer fitting top. I own this sleeveless high-neck in three different colours because when you find a basic that works STOCK UP ON IT. Nothing worse then finding that perfect basic and wearing it to death within weeks, only to go back to the shop and find out they never intend to make it ever again. It’s a thing that happens and it’s cruel.


I love these shoes. There’s a definite theme of stupid chunky heels in my cupboards but they’re so comfortable and shiny. Especially these and I love silver shoes with blue denim – they’re completely made to be. And while we’re on the subject of stupid accessories, I’m rather partial to a brightly coloured handbag too. I mean, there’s blue in there so it kind of matches, but it’s mainly the pink I like. Obviously.


silver sandals


colourful handbag


But the best thing about this outfit? Have you spotted it? It’s tiny but awesome: a little badge with a Tina Fey quote on it. This is my new life motto through and through. Go team!


tina fey quote



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