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I wear a lot of black. My ever faithful skinny jeans are that wonderful colour and I get through at least one pair a year, it’s a push to even get me to wear blue jeans to be totally honest, so white is basically terrifying new territory for me. Being olive skinned I can wear white, buuuuuuut I don’t. I’m super clumsy; guaranteed that at any meal I’ll spill at least one thing down myself, and TWICE I have worn a white skirt on the tube and sat in something, uh, unsavoury.

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I’m wearing:

Coat – vintage

Cami top – ASOS

Jeans – George at ASDA*

Sandals – Sol Sana at Coggles

Bag (seen below) – Mulberry

Rings (seen below) – Weekday

So obviously I chose white jeans to wear to my own birthday brunch. Runny eggs, ketchup and bottomless bellinis were just begging to be spilt, but I had half an hour before I had to leave the house and I couldn’t think of anything else to wear so off I popped.


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how to wear white jeans


I think the mistake I’ve made with white before is I haven’t used it as a blank canvas like I normally do with black. So this time I stayed plain and simple with my black cami top and went full out with patterns chucked over the top. My Sol Sana sandals have black flecks in its leopard print pattern so they’re not exactly outrageous. I love their wooden heels, reminiscent of my Lotta From Stockholm clogs, but good lord are they painful. It’s stupid what I’ll go through for a pretty pair of shoes.


leopard print sandals


And because leopard print wasn’t quite garish enough, I went for my vintage camo jacket to chuck over the top. I saw loads of khaki and white being together in pics from New York Fashion Week and thought it looked the right mix between tough and chic. What do you think of my take on it?


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