Added Extras #1

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Sometimes things don’t quite fit into a category. If I listen to a song on Spotify and like it I add it to just one playlist. I don’t want to break it out into ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘gym’ (ha!), I just want to listen to all the songs I like in one place. I’ve been struggling with how to include some seemingly random parts of my life into this blog, as they don’t always warrant an entire post but they’re still worthy of a mention. So here we are. Welcome to Added Extras #1!
The aim is to get one of these bad boys out every Tuesday, but we’ll see how that goes…

1) I’ve lived with my boyfriend for over a year now, but sometimes it’s so bloody nice to have the flat to myself. Our housemate is also away so that’s meant watching what I want on TV, cooking nice little healthy meals for one and QUIET. God lord it is so quiet.

2) I headed to Haggerstone to try out Berber & Q with some lovely food bloggers. Me, Lucy, Etta and Connie managed to consume a shocking amount of meat and I fell in love with a cauliflower dish. And I was home in time to catch the end of Bake Off (and lie down in a food coma).

berber and q lamb chops

3) My gorgeous friend Wendy did my make-up for me when I was a bridesmaid and I couldn’t believe how amazing she made my face look. Seriously, I was fit. So I finally got around last weekend to going to Benefit and buying some of the bits she used to transform me to try and do it myself. (Note: There is every chance that I’m going to end up looking like a drag queen)

benefit haul

4) Speaking of drag queens, I have been listening to a lot of RuPaul’s podcast ‘What’s the Tee?’. A little tip: Do not listen to this in public. I had a complete hysterical laughter breakdown on the cross trainer at the gym on Thursday which a) was very dangerous and b) terrified the woman next to me.

rupaul podcast

5) I went to see Legend at the cinema and was totally blown away. The story of the Krays is totally fascinating and bloody scary. This was only two generations ago and happened about 30 minutes on a bus from where I now live – I mean, can you imagine?! Tom Hardy was blinding though; definitely my favourite thing I’ve seen him in.

6) I got some belated birthday pressies from home and abroad which is always nice for a quick pick-me-up. My friend Jen got me the cutest Moomin mug (see above) and teaspoon, and my friend Alice sent me the fanciest bookmark all the way from Hong Kong. 

tom dixon bookmark

7) I’M GOING TO GLASTONBURY! It’s been on my to-do list for years and I finally bit the bullet and went for it. Roll on June 2016!

8) It was October 3rd. I matched my bag accordingly. (If you don’t understand this reference, get thee to a copy of ‘Mean Girls’ INSTANTLY)

pink mulberry alexa bag

What added extras have made your week that little bit better?