Added Extras #2

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Look! I’ve stuck to it! This is Added Extras #2 on time, on the day I said, all scheduled and good to go. It’s kind of like I’m organised, or at least giving that illusion. Let’s jump straight in to it, shall we?

1) After a four year hiatus I got to see the superbly talented and uber cute Jason Webley perform again, this time in Islington. He is just one man, in a pork pie hat with a guitar and an accordian and his music can be beautiful or hysterically funny, depending on which song he’s performing. It was sweaty and intimate and just what I love about his shows.

jason webley performing in london
Pic by AJ

2) I ate my weight in cheese scones and drank a healthy amount of red wine (yes, it’s medicinal sometimes) with Katy which was nice as a little early week treat. We raised a glass to her getting a new job too – hell yes to having fabulous ladies in my life who are pursuing their dreams!

cheese scones

3) I cried like a child at the final of The Great British Bake Off. If you didn’t then you must have a heart of stone.

4) During lunch with my friend he brought out the engagement ring he was using to propose to his girlfriend THAT NIGHT. I cried over jerk chicken and people stared.

5) I drank my weight in free smoothies at Innocent’s headquarters and the sugar crash meant I had to have a nap when I got home. Life is hard.

innocent smoothies

6) I headed over to Drink Shop Do with Hillary’s to get crafty with jewellery boxes. I made this without burning myself on a glue gun or sticking my face to the table with double sided tape, so I consider that quite a substantial achievement.

tea and cake

What added extras have made your week better?