Added Extras #3

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I’m in desperate need of reminding myself of the added extras that have perked up my week. My word, I am busy with a capital B. Busy. No, actually, capitalise everything. BUSY. Christmas officially launches in my workplace on Thursday so I’m seeing life through a tinsel-tinged lens right now, but I won’t bore you with that.
This stuff is much more interesting:

1) Turns out my Zumba classes have been put to good use. I went to Thomas Cook’s Carnival Fiesta event and learnt how to samba like a (not quite) pro. I was slightly better versed in the cocktail making class, and a margarita isn’t always a bad thing on a Tuesday evening.

cocktail making
Photo by Emma Inks

2) OK, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the C word, but I have started my present shopping already. I’ve bought a couple of absolutely perfect gifts for people this week from unplanned wanderings into Urban Outfitters and Foyles. I’m already excited to give them to people!

3) Peri Peri salt. No stingy servings from Nando’s, I’ve got my own now and I’m not holding back.

peri peri salt

4) I had a nasty bout of dodgy stomach grossness at the end of the week, so majorly needed a heavy dose of Netflix to soothe me through it. I watched The Emperor’s New Groove (which was followed by a million imitation voice messages on Whatsapp between me and Katie because it is so quotable), Heathers (because I still have a crush on mini Christian Slater), and Clerks (which remains bloody genius no matter how many times I watch it). Perfick.

5) I went to Ascot for the first time at the weekend and had an ill advised flutter. I look happy in this photo but that was the gin speaking because I definitely lost more than I won.

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Photo by Little Miss Katy

6) A disappointing food event (which had no bloody food at it) was totally worth the effort as I got to spend the evening with some of my fabulous Bangarang girls. There was red wine and cackling and a trip to the newsagents on the way back to the tube and a revelation that Erica can’t jump. Seriously. Go ask her.

What added extras have made you smile this week?