Added Extras #4

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I shouldn’t have jinxed myself last week by saying I was busy. This week has made last week look like the most jolly of sunshine-y walks in the park with a full blown picnic laden with scotch eggs and a bottle of prosecco that never goes flat. I think that when I have a shitty week, I sometimes work harder to make good things happen, or at least appreciate the little goings on that may otherwise pass me by.
Here’s the added extras that made sure I didn’t have a mini breakdown this week:

1) I’m still getting used to going from a job where everyone socialised together all the time, to one where pub jaunts are much less frequent. It’s not a bad thing, because I could do with drinking less, but it was nice to have a couple of cocktails with some of the Debs PR team after an event we all worked at. There was a lot of cackling which was just what I needed.

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2) I’m going full pelt into Halloween costumes this year which gave me an excuse to go shopping in Angels, the amazing fancy dress shop on Shaftesbury Avenue. Watch this space, I’m going to attempt something gross…

3) Remember me saying I was a bridesmaid back in May? Well this week my oldest friend was on the front of Harper’s Bazaar Bride in Australia, with the magazine covering the entire wedding. You can see my arse in one of the photos. Thank goodness for spanx.

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3) I went for dinner in Chinatown for the first time ever under the tutelage of my wonderful half-Chinese friend, Jen. We ate a stupid amount at Leong’s Legend Continues and luckily polished it off before a power cut hit Soho and we had to sit in darkness for 20 minutes!

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4) One of my best friends bought us tickets to see The Nutcracker over Christmas when she’s visiting from Hong Kong and I am SO excited.

5) Speaking of my ever so sociable former colleagues, I headed out for bubbles and Thai food with them on Friday night. They are all so inspirational to me; moving on to amazing new jobs and moving up and up in a saturated industry. I’m super lucky to know them.

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6) Lovely Emma organised for a load of us bloggers to meet for brunch in Bethnal Green over the weekend and it was fab to meet some gals I’ve chatted to loads on Twitter before now. The food was a bit shite, but the company was great so roll on next time!

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7) An extra hour’s sleep. Seriously.

8) Now summer is officially done and dusted it was time to bring out the slow cooker. I made a big old beef and Guinness stew for me and the boyfriend to demolish whilst watching Jurassic World. Perfect end to the weekend.

What added extras have made your week that little bit better?