The Happiest Birthday

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It’s almost been a month since my birthday and I’ve wanted to write about it, but I didn’t just want to tell you what I got up to. I’ll be honest, I was too drunk and over excitable to do a proper review of where we went for brunch, so I gave up on the idea. But then I started looking through the photos and one thing stood out to me: SMILES.

So much smiling. Big, beaming, tooth-flashing grins; hearty, beautiful, laughter in motion. Everyone was so happy! We started off with bottomless bellinis and seemingly endless brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings. I don’t have one big group of friends, so every birthday is an amalgamation of equally awesome people who don’t actually know each other but ALWAYS end up getting on.

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En route from Clerkenwell to Tower Hill, we managed to sing most of the songs from Pitch Perfect (with harmonies) and jumped full pelt into over-excited mode, cackling our way through bottles of bubbles. These are the some of the people who make me laugh more than anyone else; they are willing to look stupid but have razor sharp wit. But really when you’re just enjoying someone’s company you just end up with a ridiculous grin on your face regardless.

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Until the dance moves come out. Because if there’s anything that makes you lose all inhibitions, it’s all day drinking and a monopoly over the pub jukebox. Cue the sort of laughing that makes you throw your head back and accidentally whack it on the wall you forgot was behind you; that ‘oh my god, please stop or I’m going to pee myself’ sort of belly aching. Christ, I love this lot.

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top uk lifestyle bloggers

Bring it on, 27!

Thanks to Charley for some of these pics!


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