Added Extras #5

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These weekly posts are all about the positive things that have made up my week. The happy added extras didn’t come to me as easily this time as I had a truly stressful week at work and had little time for anything but going home and passing out from exhaustion. But there were some, and bloody good they were too. Positive mental attitude, people!

1) I went to the annual Musical Bingo Halloween Ball which is now a tradition amongst my friends. Me and my lovely Bangarang blogger BFFs all dressed as dead Mean Girls and won Best Team Effort! That’s three years in a row of winning trophies for fancy dress!

halloween costume ideas


2) I had hangover burritos with AJ and co for her birthday from Freebird in Shoreditch. Oh and a beer. That helped.

london street food

3) Me and Erica went to the lovely Laura’s baby shower and it was so good to see her after many months. She’s had a rough time with her pregnancy and I can’t recommend her blog on her illness enough to understand what she’s going through. As a woman who wants kids eventually, it has been totally eye opening and she is a total superhero. Erica even provided PROSECCO flavoured crisps for the occasion. I mean, M&S are clearly on crack this Christmas.

marks and spencer prosecco crisps

4) Halloween Pt II involved me and the boyfriend dressing up as the Wet Bandits from Home Alone. People were actually asking if they could take photos of us which was hilarious!

wet bandits halloween costume

5) I went back to Body Attack for the first time since quitting smoking and it wasn’t any easier BUT I actually didn’t feel too bad. So that’s a plus.

Like I said, not that much this week, but there’s lots of exciting things in the pipeline hopefully, so watch this space – life should be getting interesting pretty soon.