[Life] October, 2015

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I’ll be frank here: October needed to calm the hell down. It got far too over excited with itself and went all Single White Female on me. My diary was full, my work life was manic, I basically didn’t sleep and almost had a meltdown. There’s a lot going on right now that I don’t really want to divulge into on this particular space of the internet, but I would just quite like to have a nap and skip forward a few weeks until things just chill out a bit.

Saying that, there’s some fun stuff coming up in November. Some brunches and family visits and a trip to Liverpool. I’m going to go head first into my Christmas shopping and will probably trip over a few treats for myself along the way, because I bloody deserve it. Until then, here’s what went down in my neck of the woods in October:

London, you so pretty

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Some mental sunset over Tower Bridge blew my tiny mind
Chinatown was rocking some serious patriotism
King’s Cross station put everyone else’s poppy to shame
I got lost in my own reflection at Paul and I want this mirror for my own

Fun with food

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Vietnamese for lunch at Bang Bang Canteen
The best mug ever (if your name’s Charlie)
Perusing the shelves of Tottenham Court Road’s new Korean supermarket
I found a mango signed by Bonnie Tyler at Innocent HQ which basically made my month

Arts, crafts and inspiration

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I got handy with a glue gun at Hillary’s Crafternoon
I got handy with theatre wax for Halloween and stuck a pencil in my forehead
My friend got handy with her thank you cards
I’m going to get more handy after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ because she is a total boss

Thank you so much for reading my blog this month, whether you’re a return visitor or brand new to this little space of mine, I’m so happy that you dropped by. In case you missed anything, here’s my most popular posts from October:

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