African Prints and Brown Boots

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I’ve never really been one to buy sale items a whole season ahead. I cannot get my brain to think summer when it’s bloody freezing outside, but as it’s actually pretty mild out at the moment it’s been slightly more feasible. Ages ago I was snooping around the Topshop sale to find a bargain outfit to wear to Ascot and found this African print dress.

It’s bright but not garish, and super busy which I love. I bought it with holidays and warmer weather in mind, but as with everything I buy, I want to wear it right now. So I set about making it more friendly for chilly London. My wardrobe is sadly lacking in a thin high neck, long sleeve black top to wear underneath as I’d wanted, so I had to revert to my leather jacket for the top half; the bottom half was easier to adapt.

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Matching the colours in the dress I put on a high denier pair of black tights and my old favourite vintage brown boots. I never find shoes in vintage shops as people used to have smaller feet than my big ol’ size 7s, but I remember finding these in a shop in Leeds as a student and instantly falling in love. When I realised that they fit me, it was my own little Cinderella moment.

brown vintage boots

brown vintage boots

My brown satchel is another favourite that I acquired in a vintage shop as a student. If you’re ever in York, head to Bowler Vintage (previously Purple Haze) – it’s beautifully curated and has gems like this for such a good price. I have no idea where the necklace came from; I feel like a friend may have brought it back for me from a holiday once, but it makes the best jingly-jangly noise when I walk and it gloriously clashes with the print on the dress.

brown vintage satchel

vintage silver necklace

It’ll be nice to wear the dress when it’s actually warm outside, but until then, this will do! It was perfect for a lazy brunch with some other blogger ladies. You can eat what you want when you’ve got a loose fitting dress to hide all sins.

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Thanks to Emma Inks for being my ad hoc photographer <3


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