Dinner and Drag Queens at The Glam Clam Cabaret

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You know sometimes when you and your mates look back on a night out that you always have an anecdote from? One of those evenings where you have hundreds of photos, a sore throat the next morning and something weird in your bag that you forgot you’d swiped on your way home. That pretty much sums up the evening I had at The Glam Clam with the best bunch of blogger buddies a gal could wish for.

Arranging a date that we could all do was stressful enough, but thankfully we didn’t have to worry about who could afford what as we all whacked some cash into Santander’s Kitti app (kindly bumped up a wedge by them too) which then meant the night was essentially prepaid. All we needed was a hashtag: #GlamClamMeatSlam. Trouble free and easy peasy we headed down to Q Grill in Camden to overdose on meat.

plum lychee cocktails

For starters, AJ and I shared the spiced cornbread waffle with maple whipped butter and the blackened butterfish with chilli jam. The waffle was soft with just a tinge of spice and the butter was artery-cloggingly lip smacking. The butterfish was crisp on the outside and a firm white fish in the middle – I’ve never had butterfish before but it was definitely the best part of the entire meal. My main of smoked beef hash was a bit of a let down in comparison. It wasn’t as crunchy as I was anticipating and their wasn’t a great meat to potato ratio so it felt very heavy. I wasn’t exactly short on potatoes though; we ordered the parmesan truffle fries that I’d previously had at Q pop-up Vintage Salt, and they were just as delicious as I remember. Luckily I had a couple of plum and lychee smash cocktails to wash it down with too, and they were tangy, sweet and very, very easy to drink.

waffles and maple butter q grill camden

blackened butterfish q grill camden

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parmesan truffle fries q grill camden

Desperately regretting my restrictive waistband, we walked up to The Dome in Tufnell Park for the main event. I say ‘walk’, but some of us gave in a got a bus for the last hike uphill to help our food babies digest a bit. Entering the venue we were given a glass of fizz and shown to our table while beyond glamorous drag queens from Sink The Pink sauntered around the room.

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Jazz musicians from Ronnie Scott’s whiled away the time as fellow attendees tucked into a five course seafood menu by Gizzi Erskine (we opted out as some of the girls don’t eat fish), and then the super gorgeous Collette Cooper, and then Miss Kimberley, came on stage to blast out some classics. It was like watching Jessica Rabbit – sultry, sexy and between them, some eye-popping dresses!

christmas cabaret singer


drag queen glitter beard


glam clam drag queen show

It was when the drag queens really started giving it their all though that I came into my own. Lip syncing to Barbara Streisand and Whitney Houston; strutting their stuff on stage and around our tables, they were just wonderful to watch.

cabaret drag show london

glam clam gizzi erskine

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sink the pink london review


doing the can can


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No inhibitions at all, they flashed some flesh (avert your eyes now if you’re prudish!), danced with everyone and took a liking to the most rowdy table and rewarded them with free shots (I wonder which table that was…).

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Sod going to the office party when you can smash it up with fabulous bloggers and gorgeous drag queens. Pretty sure that’s what the true meaning of Christmas is, right?

taking photos


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(From left to right, front to back) Me, Colette Cooper, Claire, Charley, Emsy, Erica, Milly, Katy, AJ, Tasha (Angela is missing!)


Thanks to Santander for contributing to our night out. All outrageous antics, inappropriate touching and drinking was very much down to us though…



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