Added Extras #6

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It’s been five weeks since I last posted an Added Extras snippet. To be honest, I haven’t felt like it. I won’t go into details but to be frank, the last month has been utterly awful. I have struggled to see the positives in my everyday goings on when all I’ve really wanted to do is sit under a duvet and pretend life isn’t shitting all over me. But I’m getting through it. And today is the first day in a while that I’ve wanted to share what I’ve been getting up to, because my friends and family have been so incredibly bloody amazing in reminding me that socialising and exploring and discovering is what I love best. So, here (finally) is Added Extras #6:
So, here (finally) is Added Extras #6:

1) Me and Erica headed to The Breakfast Club in London Bridge for pancakes, chicken wings, a good old catch up and a big fat Aperol Spritz. And we possibly topped that up with mulled wine in a beer garden afterwards, because Monday.

breakfast club london bridge review

2) I had a brief stint being a hipster after an hour or so in east London’s Corner Cafe by Broadway Market. I had my Mac, a coffee, an outrageous omelette and was surrounded by people in stupid hats who clearly all worked in advertising. 

3) I went and hung out in AJ’s boyfriend’s office for a few hours and had a play with their exciting new Instagram wrapping paper machine. You can find it in Topshop on Oxford St now and get all personalised with your Christmas gifting!

4) I was lucky enough to have a second date with Erica in the same week, and went to the opening of the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House. I’m going to write a full review of this soon, but my inner geek was unleashed and I had a whale of a time looking at graphs and diagrams and shiny word clouds.

big bang data somerset house review

5) One thing about living in London is that I have met some wonderful people through work. I caught up with lovely Megan over a cup of tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury one evening. She has started a blog to detail her battle with depression and it is beautifully written so please go and show her your support by taking a read.

6) After a long week it was lovely to catch up with Charley and eat our weight in everything at Meat Liquor. We then headed to the famous 100 Club on Oxford St to see Molotov Jukebox where we danced like loons and cackled like crazy ladies. It was exactly what I needed.

molotov jukebox 100 club review
Photo by Charley

7) I made, and subsequently demolished, a WHOPPING great roast dinner and didn’t regret a single bite of it.

8) I was super proud to go and watch AJ play her cornet in her orchestra for a Christmas concert. The next day they went on to win gold at a national competition because SHE IS AMAZING.

north london orchestras

9) This post on Twitter made me full blown cackle when I first saw it. I’m keeping it on my phone as a little pick-me-up tool.

funny spelling photos

10) I finally got my haircut after weeks of looking like an unkempt hedgerow. It’s no secret that I bloody love my hairdresser Ian at HOB Camden. If you have curly hair, I can’t recommend him enough. Here I am mid-cut, looking similar to a coiffured poodle.

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Here’s to more weeks of just bloody dealing with life and making the best of whatever gets chucked at me.


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