River Island New Season Wish List

River Island wish list

Pink leather look skirt £28 / Blue fringed t-shirt £12 / Colour block cape £35 / Geometric print shirt dress £55 / Khaki ghillie heels £45 / Sunglasses £16 / Denim culottes £17 

Just before Christmas I had a lovely surprise turn up on my doorstep. Erica had nominated me for River Island’s secret santa project #IPartyWith (because we totally do) and I received a lovely little array of winter warming goodies to keep cosy in the cold. I was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher in that box and so, of course, I’ve been raiding the River Island website to make sure I’m super sensible about what to buy.

Ultimately I’m in need of clothes for my big trip abroad. These need to be multi-purpose as I’ll be carrying my life on my back for three months and, for some of my destinations, reasonably conservative. The denim culottes and top but also the shirt dress tick all those boxes, can be worn in warm weather but also layered up. And that brings in the poncho perfectly too as I’ll be in New Zealand during their autumn so being able to throw something over whatever I’m wearing would be ideal. I love the gold and wooden sunglasses and the shape is similar to that of my ever faithful Miu Miu specs, but these would be a nice addition for (hopefully) sunny days.

And then there’s the inevitable browsing of things I just do not need but really, really want. Isn’t the pink block leather mini amazing? Girly but fierce, I’d wear it with hi-tops and a big fluffy grey jumper because it’s too good to wait until summer to wear. The same goes for the peep toe shoes. I love ghillie heels but they’re often too dainty for me, but a big chunky heel like this makes them easier to wear, probably with jeans, or maybe those denim culottes.

Which are your favourites? I need help whittling my shopping list down!