Added Extras #10

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Aaaaaaand that’s my money for the rest of the month gone. Shouldn’t have been so bloody busy but after Christmas it’s nice to see people and with 65 days until I leave the country for three months (yes, I’m going to keep going on about it), I actually have a tonne to get done. Including writing some blog posts because I’ve been a bit slack this week. Soz.
Here’s the added extras that have made my week:

1) After dinner at Shoryu, me and the bloke wandered around Carnaby Street to find somewhere for a quick drink before heading home. We stumbled upon a bar with no sign on the front but full of happy looking punters. Apparently it’s called Two Floors, and for a Tuesday night glass of red it did just fine.

2) I went with some of my favourite ladies (including Ashley, below) to The Quarter Club, an evening for ambitious and curious women to share their stories about life, love and careers. They speak what we’re all thinking and I was totally inspired by what I heard. I will definitely be attending again.

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best uk lifestyle blogs
Photo by Claire

3) The first week back at work after Christmas always deserves a few tipples, and I caught up with some of my wonderful ex-colleagues for a much needed catch-up. I drank all the red wine. I ended up eating McDonald’s. I felt shocking the next day.

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4) One of my best friends asked me to be her bridesmaid and I screamed and cried and I’m SO EXCITED!

5) After finally watching the original three Star Wars films for the first time the other week (as live tweeted by AJ), I went to see the new incarnation at the cinema. I mean, it was a good old mile-a-minute adventure story, and I want to have a BB8 all of my own, but I don’t really feel qualified to give it a full low down.

6) Six months ago I read Leanne’s post on The Tower of London’s Ceremony of the Keys and booked my free ticket. The day finally rolled around and it was utterly fascinating and wonderful to see the Tower in an intimate group and late at night.

tower of london

7) In my continuing quest to get my shit together for my trip, I went and bought some proper trainers. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned and I want to wear them forever.

8) My new passport arrived! I bought a jumbo version for a tenner extra which means I have 10 years to fill 48 pages with visas and stamps. Challenge accepted!

What added extras have made your week more bearable?


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