Added Extras #11

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I didn’t make any plans for last week because oh my god I am I poor. Stupid early December pay check, good riddance bloody expensive Christmas and go to hell leaving the house. But then I get bored. Someone suggests a thing and I think, “I love that thing”, and before I know it, I’m doing the thing and oh look, a plan-free week ends up being rammed once again. Lucky really, or this post would consist purely of photos of Lindor, slippers and Pointless (no complaints here, it’s just not great blog fodder, you know?). So, here’s the added extras that made my week:

1) I’m super lucky to be really close with my cousin Ellie. She’s moving to Dublin soon *insert devastated face here* but last week she was staying in a hotel for work. I went over with my pjs and we had a midweek sleepover which included ordering in dessert on room service. OH YES.

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2) Walking along the river to work after the aforementioned hotel stay was one of those ‘Stop it London, you’re too pretty’ moments. Hazy winter sunrise over the Houses of Parliament is something worth stopping to take in, no matter how blasé you are about living in the city (and let’s face it, that’s pretty much my situation in a nutshell right now).

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3) Along with the rest of London, I braved Lumiere on Friday night, although I didn’t have to go too far at first as one of the structures was literally right outside my office!

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4) Pre-Lumiere, Charley and I went and got our vodka jackets on in the form of a teapot of booze at Simmons to help shield us from the cold. It made sense until we both desperately needed to pee about 30 minutes later and had to brave the dodgy public loos!

5) I did the most exercise I’ve done in months on Saturday afternoon and trekked up to the top of Parliament Hill just in time for sunset. It was lovely until we then got lost trying to make our way to the pub and ended up in the middle of Hampstead Heath in pitch black and freezing bloody cold. A pint of ale was well deserved when we finally made it to The Spaniard’s Inn and sat in their lovely beer garden.

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6) It snowed a bit. Not much, but this is London so it totally counts.

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7) We had a lovely lazy brunch in Muswell Hill, reading the broadsheets left on the table (he reads the news, I look at pretty travel photos), and using Sunday as an excuse to eat too much.

What added extras perked up your week?


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