Added Extras #12

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Thank the lord for wonderful friends. With 38 days still to go until I leave my job and 57 until I board my plane to Kuala Lumpur I need a lot to take my mind off the fact I’m having to live life as normal for the moment. It’s the people I get to spend my evening and weekends with that really make a difference to my mood and ability to not punch myself in the face and last week they did a particularly stellar job.

Here’s the most recent added extras that made me smile:

1) After buying a kilo of ginger by accident on her recent online shopping escapades, Emma invited a few of us over to her house to make things to get rid of it. I headed over with some bottles of prosecco aaaaaaaaaaand obviously the ginger didn’t get a look in. We had such a fun chilled out night in her east London flat (keep an eye out on her YouTube channel to see what we got up to!).

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Photo by Emma (left to right: me, AJ, Tasha, Emma, Maryam, Leanne)

2) This Tumblr post made me choke on my cup of tea laughing

tumblr jokes

3) The sunsets in London at the moment are spot on.

london sunset

4) After a delicious meal of far too much dim sum at Duck and Rice I spotted this sign outside a pub. That’s a prayer I can get on board with.

gin pub london

5) Another month, another night of Musical Bingo with the Bangarang crew. Too much dancing, singing until I was hoarse and for the first time in three years I BLOODY WON SOMETHING! Those Haribo tasted mighty sweet when you’ve been waiting that long. Milly also did a one woman protest to get the DJ to play T’Pau which cemented her awesomeness.

musical bingo london

6) Nothing like Cards Against Humanity to make you snort prosecco accidentally up your nose.

cards against humanity uk

7) I went back to Highgate Cemetery for the third time and it is always worth revisiting. It is totally magical (in a creepy sort of way) and the Egyptian mausoleum is morbidly epic.

highgate cemetery egyptian

What added extras have made your week worthwhile?


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