Degustabox – January 2016

degustabox january 2016 review

I loved the Asian theme to this month’s Degustabox. If I eat out I’ll generally always lean towards the Indian/Malaysian/Chinese route if possible, but I rarely make anything of that sort at home (apart from my smothered lamb curry which is the BUSINESS). It seemed a box of opposites: the indulgent savoury side and the health conscious sweet side. I delved in and ate everything, especially for you guys. Such love.


tsingtao beer coldpress apple juice

Tsingtao Beer: Already my go to beverage with a Chinese takeaway (and I plan to consume a lot of them when I’m actually in China too!), I was genuinely thrilled to find this in this month’s box. Not too fizzy and a little sweet, this is the sort of lager I go for if I’m looking for something less heavy than an ale.

Coldpress Apple Juice: It’s not often your apple juice has a specified flavour other than ‘apple’. This juice from Coldpress was signposted as Golden Delicious, but I could’ve told you that up front after the first sip. It was sweet but not sickly and genuinely tasted of apple, which shouldn’t be a point of difference in juices but sadly it is!


jordans country crisp conscious raw chocolate clarks carob syrup

Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate: Can’t say that I’d be the first person to reach for dairy free, soya free, gluten free, sugar free vegan chocolate. But blow me down, this stuff actually tastes good! It is the same taste as a very dark chocolate, which I love anyway, but with a slightly more bitter after taste. The texture is slightly bitty when it’s melted down, but nothing too distracting. Consider me impressed!

Jordan’s Country Crisp Fruit & Nut: I don’t like Christmas cake, I don’t like Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, I can’t bloody stand sultanas (especially when evil people put them in curries, what the actual hell). Soz, but this cereal is not my idea of starting the day right. I loved the crunchy granola pieces, but they’re pretty much just solid sugar so why wouldn’t I?!

Clark’s Carob Syrup: I normally add a teaspoon of honey to my smoothies and replacing it with carob syrup didn’t affect the taste at all. Low in GI and with 41% less sugar than refined white sugar, if you’re trying to lessen your sweet tooth, this may help you get on the right path.

Savoury Cooking

amoy taste of asia cooking sauce slim pasta

Amoy Taste of Asia Cooking Sauces: I LOVED getting these in this month’s box. I live with AJ and her boyfriend at the moment and we normally eat together, but when they’re out these were perfect to make a batch of something yummy for myself with enough left over for lunch the next day. The Laksa was a bit weak for my liking, but I had it with prawns which brought out more flavour than chicken would, I think. The green curry was great, if not quite as creamy as I would normally like.

Slim Noodles: I’ve reviewed these before so I won’t go into it too much but these are amazing if you want to lose weight because they literally taste of nothing. I mean zilch. If you ever wondered what it would be like to not have taste buds, eat these. Either smother them in sauce and salt, or relegate them to the back of the cupboard for next January’s health kick.

Savoury Snacks

finn crisp crispbread yushoi snapea rice snacks

Finn Crisp Crispbread: Oooooo, sourdough crispbread! I love these sorts of things for healthy snacks, especially with cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber. Or Nutella and strawberries for a sweet craving. I couldn’t taste too much difference between these and the brand that start with R, but the size was a bit more convenient for easy snacking rather than a full blown lunch.

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks: I guarantee you’ll find these in an Itsu near you soon. They will fit right in with pots of edamame but these are salty without the need for soy sauce. Crispy in texture, they’re like a mix between Pop Chips and rice cakes. Definitely not one to tick off a craving for a mid-afternoon treat, but possibly able to keep the hunger pangs at bay for a little longer.