Kikki-K Travel Wish List

Kikki K

Everyday Gel Pens /  Yay All Day Mug / Doing Things Notebook /  Travel Documents Wallet / Travel Eye Mask and Pillow Set / Leather travel journalBudget Book 

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or you’re just not that interested in stationery), Kikki K has finally opened in London. It’s got the sleek design of Scandinavia that makes your home interiors look effortless, but hinting at a Japanese quirkiness with slogans and bright colours. I want it all.
Visiting their pop-up store in Covent Garden, I was overwhelmed by the urge to fill my basket, take out a small loan and live happily ever after with only stationery as my friend and shelter.

Now, as it currently stands, I don’t have any permanent place to live and at the end of next week, I won’t have a job *air punch HELL YEAH*, so buying lovely kitchen and office items is kind of stupid as they’ll just have to go straight into storage for three months when I set off on The Big Trip. But looky at the things I could totally legitimately buy and actually use, like, now.

The travel documents wallet is just perfect. I have so many flights and hotel confirmations and excursion details that I’m going to have to lug around with me. Not to mention a bazillion different currencies. 

And what blogger in their right mind goes away without a travel journal (and cute as pens to use with it)? I can chill out with my super sophisticated stripy neck pillow on a long haul flight and scribble away new posts for y’all. 

The budget book and notebook are perfect for when I get back to the UK and have to pinch pennies while I search for a new job. And ‘Yay All Day’ will have to be my new life motto. Drink tea and yay it up – look for happy things when I thump back down to reality. At least having pretty stationery will make me feel better when I have ZERO in my bank account *takes back previous air punch OH GOD*.

Where else should I be looking for cute travel accessories?