Added Extras #13

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Oh hi. Tuesday again; it rolls around so quick and yet always takes forever to arrive. Weeks at the moment are really taking their time in getting done and dusted and just letting me have my two days of freedom. I don’t just live for the weekend, I crawl to it on my hands and knees, weeping at its coat tails and promising it the world so that it’ll just stay a little longer. But it never does. 48 hours and then it’s right back to the beginning again.

There are plus sides; things to do and people to see to take my mind off a notice period that seemingly will never end. Here’s the added extras that have made my week better than shite:

1) After having an incredibly below average meal at a restaurant that’s been on my ‘to-eat’ list for so long, I needed cheering up. Belly still rumbling and extremely pissed off from the hideous service we’d had, I thanked all the food gods that Hummingbird Bakery was still open. Their peach crumble cupcake has restorative powers worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

hummingbird bakery london

2) As with everyone else on the internet I got myself sorted on Pottermore. I’m bloody thrilled to be a Ravenclaw! They value wit and wisdom which are without a doubt, the two things I look for in the people I keep close to me. They’re competitive, possess unusual interests and you have to solve a riddle to get into their common room. I am SO a Ravenclaw.

pottermore sorting hat

3) I bought AJ tickets to see for Christmas and the day to watch it at the theatre finally rolled around. By the end of the performance I was laughing at how terrible it was. It literally made no sense, the plot was weak and the songs focused too much on cheap laughs. It looked stunning though – the stage and costumes were eccentric and bizarre.

wonderland national theatre review

4) Actually, the gift shop at the National Theatre was wonderful. I stood in a corner and read children’s books and held back from buying all of them.

childrens books 2016

5) Once again I burst with unbelievable pride watching Miss Katie Brennan strut her stuff on stage in her one-woman show ‘Quarter Life Crisis – The Twenty Something Cabaret‘. The evening started with pizza and cocktails with the other Bangarang gals and after the show we continued celebrating with more gin in the pub next door. I hurt on Saturday morning.

katie brennan quarter life crisis cabaret

6) On Sunday I spent a decadent lunchtime lasting from 2pm – 12am at lovely Ashley’s house. She cooked up a storm, treated us to one hell of a chocolate cheesecake, and made sure that my blood was 80% red wine by the time I left. She’s bloody wonderful.

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What added extras have made your week?


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