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I maybe should have taken it a bit easier last week. I was out pretty much every night, making the most of seeing friends before I don’t see them for three months. By the time Friday rolled around, I was completely shattered, so I’ve made sure to schedule in some down time in order to maintain my sanity. Things are only going to get even more busy though! Here’s the added extras that made last week great:
Here’s the added extras that made last week great:

1) Me and the Bangarang girls headed to the reopening of Sway Bar in Holborn and indulged in some cocktails. It’s a hard life when you’re the only person in a group that likes whisky and you have to drink everyone’s Old Fashioneds. God, I’m a good friend.

friends celebrating

2) I saw in Pancake Day in with style at My Old Dutch where we ate a metric shit ton of pancakes. Check out my review for drool inducing photos.

pancakes at my old dutch

3) I headed to the preview of Cocktails in the City at the Hoxton Hotel with gorgeous Katie B, where we tried numerous beverages and followed it up with a few more at The Book Club afterwards. Wednesdays done right.

blurry selfie

4) After a whole heap of rearranging, I finally made it out to dinner with a friend from work. We settled at our table at Caravan in King’s Cross and ate SO much food. I love somewhere with a ‘small plates’/sharing mentality, and our dessert was insanely good. Review coming later this week!

jalapeno cornbread caravan kings cross

5) This Harry Potter Tumblr post has had me cackling on and off for days. ‘AHAHAHAHA Classic Tim’.

harry potter tumblr jokes

5) I spent the morning of Galentine’s Day with Charley, Claire and Erica, eating a massively below-average brunch at Heddon Street Kitchen. But with company as good as theirs, it was still worth traipsing through the rain to get to.

uk lifestyle blogger

6) On Saturday afternoon, Claire and I wandered around Anthropologie, wincing at prices and cooing over beautiful patterns. I want a house just so I can deck it out in everything from there.

7) Galentine’s evening was spent with old colleagues. My friend Milly’s flat is so beautiful, and as she is a milliner by trade, it oozes her creativity and artistic eye. We drank prosecco, ate chilli, played Dream Phone and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. It was an evening that was good for my soul but bad for my head the next morning.

dream phone

8) I caught up with Lucy and Etta over dinner at Shuang Shuang, the new hotpot restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue. I’ve got a full review coming up but honestly, if you’re looking to go beyond sweet and sour and chow mein, this is the new flavour your tastebuds need.

shuang shuang hotpot menu

What added extras have made your week?


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