Added Extras #16

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These posts every Tuesday are a great way of reminding me of the little things that have made my week great. But you know what? You can have too much of a good thing. I have been so busy that I am verging on the sort of tired that makes me emotional. I love being busy but my word, I am looking forward to escaping London for a couple of days tomorrow.
Here’s the added extras that have contributed to me being totally knackered this week:

1) I schlepped allllllllllll the way down to Streatham to visit my friend’s flat that he and his missus have done up from scratch. Last time I was down there they didn’t have a toilet that flushed or, like, floorboards, but its gorgeous now. AND they have a cat. AND they made me bison tagine for dinner.

2) On Wednesday, I caught up with an ex-colleague over a platter of meat. Literally. Meat and whisky in a dingy basement is pretty much my ideal evening.

meat platter blacklock soho restaurant

3) I bought a heinous amount of glittery socks in Topshop and it’s made my feet at least 10x more interesting.

4) It suddenly hit me that I only have one full pay check left before I go travelling and don’t have a job. So I went on a frantic Music Magpie situation and actually, it was totally needed. I cleared out a whole heap of CDs and made about £50!

5) I made a quick weekend visit to my parents’ house to see my little sister while she was back for her reading week. We went out for a meal to a South African restaurant and I ate far too much and got to spend the evening with my three favourite people.

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6) I booked a day trip to the Batu Caves for my first full day in Kuala Lumpur. Look how PRETTY it is!

batu caves kuala lumpur
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7) I spent the entirety of Saturday afternoon drinking gin with Emma (more on this to come) and then we met up with some other blogging lovelies to grab some food at Dinerama. And I was in bed by 9pm which was ideal.

uk lifestyle blogger

8) Sunday was spent catching up with my nephew (who at 10 years old is already up to my armpit!) and my big sister. Chilled out and much needed gossiping.

9) I found out my friend is pregnant! Eeeek!!

10) I saw one of my closest friends and his boyfriend for a quick pint on Monday evening during their mini break to London. They live in York now so when I’m back from The Big Trip, visiting them is first on my agenda.

What added extras have made your week?


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