Love Hz at Lights of Soho

neon sign hey you look familiar did we do it

Walking through the deep, dark depths of Soho at night, the glare of neon lights guides your way from Old Compton Street  to Golden Square and beyond. In amongst the sex shops, opposite London Fashion Week’s new home of Brewer Street car park is Lights of Soho, a gallery-slash-coffee shop.

neon signs soho

Inside, people were nestled with their Macs, sipping on coffee while I poked my head in out of curiosity to see what was hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. Curated to show the unconventional side of love, installations play on the history of the venue (which used to be a brothel) with signs for girls, girls, girls and ‘nude encounters’.

neon signs soho

neon signs soho

neon signs soho

neon signs soho

Commentary on modern dating is obvious with signs such as ‘Love at first swipe’ and ‘Hey you look familiar, did we do it?’ just reminding me of the copious dating stories I hear from friends and the terrifying world of online dating which holds so many opportunities, but seemingly even more weirdos.

neon signs soho love at first swipe

neon signs soho thrills arrow

neon signs soho pink pussy

Takes on the traditional symbols of love are made seductive or unsettling; hearts holding animal skulls to come-and-get-me bites of a lip. It’s all rude, some of it’s crude, but it’s also fun and kitsch without being stupid.

neon signs soho heart animal skull

neon signs soho lip biting

Looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day? Take a peek and get some ideas of what to do when you get home.