Added Extras #17

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It’s been three months in the making but I am finally in the last week of my notice period. Which means I’m now suddenly extremely aware that I fly in just over two weeks and oh my god I have so much to do! Moving my stuff into storage, seeing friends and family, packing everything I need for three months abroad…my lists are breeding lists and making baby lists all over the shop and I can’t keep up. So I went to Scotland, because why not?
Here’s the added extras that made my week:

1) I ate amazing food at Nopi with two gorgeous friends (one of which knows the head chef so we ate a LOT). The Valdeón cheesecake with pickled beetroot, almonds and thyme honey was so good I wanted to smother it in kisses and ask it to move in with me.

nopi london restaurant valdeon cheesecake

2) I was reunited with three fabulous ex-colleagues to gossip over burgers at Byron. I’m so proud of those girls! Buying houses, moving into new flats, quitting jobs – go team!

3) I went sliiiiiiiiightly overboard and abused my work discount for the last time, stocking up on all my make-up basics in prep for being super poor when I get back from The Big Trip. Girl still needs to look fancy even when she can’t afford to leave the house, right?!

debenhams beauty haul urban decay benefit make up forever

4) A few friends on Facebook were sharing illustrations from Rubyetc and she is wonderful. Her sketches are cute and hit my frazzled brain right in the feels.

rubyetc illustrations

5) I spent four days in Scotland (more on this to come) and went fishing. Yep. Don’t ask why, but this is how I felt about wearing a pair of waders and going into ice cold water…

woman in waders

What added extras have made your week?


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