Added Extras #18

I’M FREE! For the first time since I got my paper round at age 13, I am officially unemployed and it is WONDERFUL. Choosing to leave my job to travel was simultaneously an easy and terrifying decision (I’ll write about this another time), but it feels good to be on the home stretch to that long haul flight out of the UK.
As it is, my first week of unemployment has blessed me with a stinking cold which is really bloody inconvenient but I’ve got a shit ton to get done so let’s just crack on with this week’s Added Extras shall we?

1) I hopped on a bus into Camden with two of my favourite colleagues to celebrate my leaving at The Blues Kitchen. I ate far too much for a Wednesday afternoon but it was lovely to gossip with the girls that have kept me sane when the chips were down over the last few months.

blues kitchen camden burgers review

2) A big chunk of the Bangarang girls managed to make it out to dinner at Dirty Bones on Thursday as a kind of mass goodbye. We ate chicken and waffles, we drank whisky, we cackled and hugged and I got sad that I’m not going to see them until June.

dirty bones kingly court review
Photo by Little Miss Katy

3) I LEFT MY JOB. Oh god, I can’t tell you how good it feels to say that. OK so I don’t have an income now and I’m solely reliant on my savings while I travel, but that’s all fine. It’s a carefully thought out decision and I know that the right job for me is just waiting until I come back.

4) As a leaving present I got this absolute beast of a guidebook for China. Since reading through it I’ve now added two more cities to my itinerary. Oops!

lonely planet china guide book

5) I got to hang out with my parents on Saturday afternoon as they headed into London to see War Horse. I was dragged into M&M’s World which was bloody awful, but then we went to Chinatown and Hamley’s before stuffing our faces at The Big Easy.

m&ms world london

6) I’ve been productive and got bits for my trip sorted including moving all my stuff into storage and going for my vaccinations. Both were painful in different ways, but it’s done. Onwards!

What added extras have made your week?


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