Added Extras #19

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Holy crap balls, I fly tomorrow! It’s been months of me banging on, pretending to be productive but using that as a ruse to go out more and having a million ‘leaving drinks’. So with about 36 hours until I’m on a plane, I’m kind of packed but still need a panic trip to Boots and I’m a bit in denial about the whole thing.
Next week’s Added Extras will be very different, I’m sure! Until then, here’s the best bits of the last week:

1) I met up with Katie to go and gawp at the world’s largest and most expensive bottle of gin. Created by Silent Pool, we supped and sipped and oohed and aahed, and it was delicious.

silent pool worlds largest and most expensive bottle of gin

2) I finally made it to Dishoom for breakfast (praise be for voluntary unemployment!) and it did not disappoint. Full post to come on the OMG inducing bacon naan I demolished.

breakfast dishoom bacon naan roll

3) I made my quarterly trip down to Camden to see my wonderful hairdresser Ian. Hopefully by the time I come back from my trip I won’t look too terrifying…

4) This week saw TRIPLE MEXICAN. Dinner at Wahaca on Wednesday, dinner at El Camion on Thursday and lunch at DF/Mexico on Friday. That’s a lot of margaritas and I am definitely not complaining.

pork pibil tacos df mexico tottenham court road

5) I caught up with one of my BFFs on Friday to say a (temporary) goodbye to London, with gorgeous views over St Paul’s Cathedral from Madison at the top of One New Change. How can anyone think I’m ready to leave this city permanently just yet?!

st pauls cathedral madison one new change bar

6) As I’m abandoning him for the next three months, my boyfriend and I holed up in a little hotel in Hampshire for the weekend. We explored the countryside, ate far too much and I repressed the urge to steal every dog I saw.

cup of tea vogue magazine

I’m going to try my absolute best to keep posts going up on here while I’m away. I’ve got lots of posts that I should have written and I’m going to attempt to utilise my 12 hour flight and unavoidable jetlag to get some of them out, but do follow me on Instagram to see updates of my trip whenever I manage to hook up to wifi!


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