Added Extras #24

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Surprise, surprise! I’m in another country. I had another full week in Hong Kong before getting on an eight hour flight to Sydney. It’s bittersweet as I leave one friend to go and see another, but already Australia is doing me some good. Within hours of arriving I was sat on Bondi beach getting some much needed sun which I am very grateful for!
I’ll be exploring a couple of other places whilst I’m in the country, but for now, here’s this week’s Added Extras:

1) I stumbled across lots of street art in the Sheung Wan area of Hong Kong. Tucked down unassuming little alleyways, in between air conditioning vents and rubbish bins, there were great vibrant pieces all over the place.

Neon geometric cat street art

2) Hilarious Chinese translations #689497053

Funny magnets with Chinese to English translations

3) Being genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed a meal at vegetarian restaurant Grassroots Pantry. It’s not that I need meat to complete a meal, it’s just what I tend to enjoy, so it was good to widen my horizons.

4) Wandering around the beautiful sights and smells of Flower Market Road. It really lifted my spirits to escape the drains and exhaust fumes that you grow used to when walking around a busy city.

Selection of succulent plants

5) In a similar vein, I found solace in walking around Chi Lin Nunnery and the part of Victoria Peak that were further away from the tourist laden tram. It is so rare to find somewhere in Hong Kong that is actually quiet, without getting on a boat to one of the outlying islands.

Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kong

View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

6) Totally not holiday related, but this photo made me absolutely crack up.

Funny dog meme

7) Searching for breakfast in a bakery one morning, I found this. I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t look or sound appetising in the slightest. I’ll have a croissant, ta.

Pastry called Dongle Cheese

8) I tried on one of the Korean character face masks I picked up in Seoul and it is full blown terrifying/amazing. Terrimazing.

Korean beauty character face masks

9) I had an emergency row seat on my long haul economy flight so I could stretch my legs out, hallelujah!

What were your Added Extras last week?

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