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That kind of sums up last week. Aside from  the excitement of a new job, everything else seemed to go a bit tits up, and I’m not even just talking about the referendum (although WTactualF). I’m just a bit lost, which is painfully ironic considering for the first time in four months I’m in familiar surroundings and have regular access to Google Maps.
It’s been a bit difficult to compile this list, not because there is a lack of happy things, but I just didn’t want to write it. But the whole point of these posts is to find the good parts of every week so that I know nothing is ever that bad. So here it goes:

1) Being back in London five days a week means I’ve been able to catch up with my amazing friends that I haven’t seen for months. I think the people of Angel were mildly concerned when AJ and I ran through the street in tears to greet each other!

2) I tried out hot yoga at Fitness First for International Yoga Day and was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. More to come in a full post later this week.

yoga mats

3) Me and a friend headed down to the vegetarian Pret pop-up in Soho and I absolutely loved it! I thought it would just be regular Pret with the meat items removed, but they had a huge range of special edition products including savoury yoghurt pots, new sushi sets and delicious flat breads. I really hope it becomes a permanent fixture!

Vegetarian sandwiches and sushi from Pret-a-Manger

4) I am not ashamed to say that a highlight of this week was playing board games with my parents on Saturday night. We had a good, proper laugh at a lot of stupid inside family jokes which I needed so much.

5) Ever since a friend I made in New Zealand asked me what a Yorkshire pudding is (she’s American, so let it go), I’ve been craving toad in the hole. My wonderful mum delivered in the form of this BEAST on Sunday.

Yorkshire pudding

6) My mum and I spent a ridiculously long time at Hoo Hing – an Asian supermarket/warehouse at the weekend. We filled a trolley with so many delicious things from Kaya jam to Hainanese Chicken Rice paste and mantou buns, so we can make dishes I had on my trip!

Hainanese Chicken Rice paste

7) I had far too much fun in Paperchase one lunch time. The cards in there are just superb.

Funny Kardashian greetings card

8) The lovely Claire invited me to stay over with her on Sunday night so we could head to a breakfast event nice and early together. I got to meet her three Snapchat famous cats (as well as her lovely housemate and husband!), whilst sinking a bottle of red…or two. What a gal.

9) And the point of me staying over at Claire’s was so we could check out Bompas and Parr’s Paradise Now brunch with Lipton Ice Tea for their Extend Your Weekend campaign. It was at Barbican Conservatory which is a total hidden gem and home to all sorts of weird and wonderful plants. Definitely worth checking out on a weekend.

Lipton ice tea in a mason jar



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