Everything is Going to Be Alright

Everything is going to be alright neon lights at Christchurch art gallery

Do you ever feel sometimes that life is trying to tell you something?

This past year has been tough. After some twists and turns, I decided to just remove myself from things in my life that were making me miserable and take some time to do what I want. I’ve been completely selfish and it was necessary. My best friend reminded me recently that it is down to me to make myself happy and that is a very powerful thing to realise. She’s so right. It is all down to me and me alone. But even though I know deep down which paths I need to take, it would be really bloody helpful if someone could just say, ‘That is the right thing to do, well done Charlie, you win at life.’

The last few weeks I’ve had a lot of time to think and re-think and doubt and reassure, and as a result I feel like the world is giving me signs. Just to help me out, which is nice. You can read what you like into any song you hear on the radio, any horoscope you read or any leaflet handed to you by a bible-basher on the street. When my instinct is trying to tell me something, I guess it picks out items in my surroundings to hit my subconscious and drive a message home. Like making me take a detour in Christchurch to find a giant neon sign telling me exactly what I needed to hear:

Everything is going to be alright.

Whatever decisions I make, wherever life takes me next, it’s all going to work out just fine. I actually feel the most positive I’ve felt in a very long time and it is god damn liberating! After months of travelling, I am, as this post goes live, on my way home to the UK. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s sad. But everything is going to be alright.

Life's not out to get you


(Edit: This article popped up on my Facebook feed as soon as I clicked ‘publish on this post. It contains some fantastic quotes to help you if you’re having a wobble about the future.)


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