Added Extras #33

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This week it will have been a month since I got back from my big trip. The more I think about it, the more sad I get, so I’ve been busying myself to keep my mind occupied. My diary is almost back to being in its usual state of insanity and I’m glad of it, to be honest.
I’m still adjusting to a lot of changes since being back, but there is a bit of blue sky poking through the clouds so here’s last week’s Added Extras:

1) I’ve found a flat! Getting back to regular life has been hard whilst crashing with my parents and having to commute into London, but I had a viewing last week that was great. The room is huge, the flatmates seem normal and it’s in an area I know and love. Now I just have a few weeks to pack all my crap together and get back to where I need to be!

2) I headed to The Book Club‘s Ab Fab quiz night with Charley and Ashley and we only went and came first! Our prize was two bottles of prosecco which ensured I didn’t feel all that peachy the next day…

Absolutely Fabulous quiz at The Book Club, London

3) Despite hating my last job, I did meet a couple of great girls that I totally love. We went to Senõr Ceviche on Kingly Street for a good old catch-up and the pisco sours were the hair of the dog I needed!

4) On Friday, I met up with Katy, Emma and Leanne to travel back to 1877 at Stella Artois x Wimbledon’s #TheTimePortal event. We went behind an unassuming doorway in Dalston where we were met with the cast of the amazing Les Enfants Terribles who put us in an ‘actual’ time machine and led us to meet legends of Wimbledon’s past AND Queen Victoria herself. So much fun, and Stella Artois Cidre in raspberry is totally my new summer drink!

Drinking beer
Pic by Katy

5) The wonderfully kind-hearted Claire struck again with her selection of fabulous thank you cards and gave me a good chuckle with this one. I love that woman!

Cats don't give a fuck greetings card

6) The day finally arrived to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I was SO excited. Full, spoiler-free review to come but a highlight of the day was having lunch in Patty & Bun and sitting near some of the cast who then very kindly signed our programmes.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child signed programme

7) Speaking of Patty & Bun, my Lambshank Redemption burger was insanely good. Lamb shank with courgette fritters, aubergine, cumin aioli and feta. SO DELICIOUS.

Patty and Bun lambshank redemption burger

8) OK, I’ve got Pokemon Go and I’m already obsessed. It is, however, hilarious when there’s a pokemon sat on a stranger’s head and you have to get your sister to stand in front of your phone so you can try and catch it without looking like a pervert.

Pokemon Go

9) Lamenting about being home means making more travel plans. I’ve got a trip to South Africa planned for the end of the year, and Katy and I are in full pelt planning mode for Japan next year too. My passport isn’t going to know what’s hit it!

10) A couple of lovely people have hinted that they are going to vote for me in the Travel Blogger section of the Blogger’s Blog Awards. I’m baffled by that suggestion, but gloriously grateful too. So I’m going to suck it up right now and say, hello. Would you like to nominate me too? Clicky here to get involved.

Hope you’ve all had a great week and Tuesday isn’t treating you too badly!


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