Added Extras #34

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I don’t want to sound like a scratched record here, but I am so damn busy. I mean, would you just look at my pesky full time job taking priority over this little weekly installment?! I’d be mad, but I’m actually really enjoying being back at work and getting my teeth into lots of new projects, so I’m just taking it on the chin.
I’ve taken to hand writing blog posts on my commute each day because it’s pretty much the only time I get and I don’t always have elbow room for typing, so here’s this weeks Added Extras, coming to you from my battered old notebook on the 8.22am to Euston:

1) I headed to one of my favourite restaurants, Grain Store, with Katy, Jasmin and Erica, for an incredible feast with OpenTable. We ate amazing food including multicoloured, multi-flavoured ravioli which blew my mind with its rainbow magicalness.

Floral table setting at Grain Store, London

2) I got a sneaky peek of Tatty Devine’s new collections for Autumn/Winter and Christmas and fell in love with everything. I wrote a round-up of all my favourite pieces in this post last week.

Tatty Devine starburst Christmas necklace

3) I went to leaving drinks for an ex-colleague who’s moving to Melbourne and although it’s sad to see her go, it reminded me how many friends I’ve made through my job. They’ve supported my career but have also been a huge emotional support and are always so much fun. It wasn’t something I expected when I first moved to London five years ago, but what a pleasure it’s been.

4) Despite (or probably because of) my busy schedule, I had to cave on Friday and cancel a night out because I was just so flipping knackered. Instead I went home, got into my pjs and watched The Shawshank Redemption *praise hand emoji*

5) Aaaaaaaaad then the madness started all over again with a belated 4th of July party at Katy’s house and subsequently destroying any ounce of power my liver stupidly though it had. There were blue drinks which led to singing, and an extremely enthusiastic game of beer pong which Erica, AJ and I totally smashed.

Best UK lifestyle bloggers

6) Feeling very sorry for myself on Sunday, I somehow made it to the Southbank for brunch with my wonderful friend Jen and some of her other bridesmaids. We were all briefed on colour schemes so we can get hunting for dresses which is super exciting! If anyone has any tips on where to get a floor length charcoal number, holla at me!

Eating outdoors in London

7) Even though I don’t move for another three weeks, I’ve bought my bed sheets already. Primark have so many bargains in the home department right now, I had to force myself to leave without spending allllllll the monies. With some bits from there and a duvet cover from the Very sale, I just need some cushions and I will be all set to get seriously cosy.

8) As ridiculous as this may sound, this week something that’s made me super happy is this here little blog of mine. I’ve got some really cool opportunities coming through at the moment, my views are on the up, and the comments some of you leave/tweet put such a smile on my face. Huzzah for internets!

9) I went to Bao for an end of week lunch treat with some colleagues and had condensed milk milkshakes. Or, Teeth Rotting, Stomach Filling Amaze Juice, to give it its proper name.

Condensed milk milkshake at Bao, London

10) And finally: SUNSHINE! At long last! Yes, it’s too hot and I hate it but I can go outdoors without fear of getting soaked or suddenly needing a jacket and then not, and then needing one again. SUMMER! But I’m totally ready for Autumn now, please.

UCL campus

I hope you’ve all had a great week, and I’m just going to leave this link for the Blogger’s Blog Awards here again, in case there’s a certain travel blogger you might want to nominate…


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