Added Extras #35

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What’s up, Tuesday? Haven’t you come around fast again? Can you believe that this time next week it’ll be August already? That means it’s getting closer to September, the magical birthday month where I constantly use my getting older as an excuse to buy myself shiny new things and eat everything I can find.
I’m getting sorted for my house move at the moment; booking a van, paying my deposit, being all adult-y and such. In between catching Pokemon, obviously.

Here’s this week’s Added Extras:

1) I ate the best chips of my LIFE at Pergola on the Roof. Cooked in chicken fat and covered in scratchings – I just kept commenting how amazing they were after every bite.

Chips from Le Coq at Pergola on the Roof

2) Some of the Bangarang gals and I met up for prosecco and giggles on Friday night at Emma’s house. Those girls make me howl with laughter, to the point where I’ve cried my mascara off and I’m a hopeless heap on the floor. If that’s not a sign of awesome friends, I don’t know what is.

UK lifestyle bloggers

3) And speaking of Emma, her new YouTube trailer makes me so happy. It shows off exactly why I love her, so go and subscribe to her channel!

4) I drove down to Berkshire to hang out with my older sister and nephew on Saturday. We tucked into a pub lunch, drank pink fizz in the sunshine and put the world to rights in the way only sisters can.

5) On Sunday, Claire, Katy and I headed to Southampton to tour the Royal Caribbean ship Navigator of the Seas. We planned mini golf and found a library and ate Mexican food, but on a BOAT. One big ass boat, too.

Navigator of the Seas cruise ship

6) I GOT PAID. This exciting on any regular month, but thanks to The Big Trip I haven’t had a pay check in four months. Having money come into my account is such a novelty!

7) AJ found a marketing campaign by where they deliver pineapples to people. I don’t really know why, but it was hilarious to get an email from the receptionist at work titled ‘There is a pineapple downstairs for you. Please collect asap.’


8) I did a shoot with a famous healthy eating star for work and it was in the most gorgeous house in Dalston. It all went really well AND I managed 20 minutes for lunch in the sunshine and found this awesome multi-coloured terrace.

Colourful house in Dalston

9) I’ve booked tickets to Dublin to go and visit my favourite cousin. She moved there in March and I cannot wait to go and give her a big aqueeze and go exploring more of the Emerald Isle.

10) My geek valve exploded with the release of so many trailers from San Diego Comic Con. Sherlock series 4! Doctor Strange! Fantastic Beasts! Eeeeeeeeeep!

11) Moving into a new flat means using it as an excuse to buy loads of stuff. I bought a bin in Habitat yesterday and I love it. So I guess I should expect my Adult Badge in the post anytime soon.

I hope everyone’s week is going well so far!


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