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I AM BACK IN LONDON. I am writing this, sat in my new bed, with new sheets, in my new flat. It’s been five months since I went away, two since I came back and now I’m looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality again. I’m living out of a suitcase for the next few days, then shifting everything over in a van at the weekend, but it’s done. I’m here. Hallelujah!
With all that excitement to come, here’s what I got up to last week:

1) I demolished a Nando’s and talked solidly for three hours with my lovely friend Zoe. We became friends when we sat next to each other in GCSE History class where we would cackle to the dismay of our teacher. It was lovely to see her and as an avid reader of this blog, I’m glad she gets to feature on it finally!

UK lifestyle bloggers

2) On Wednesday I got to finally meet a little man I’ve been waiting nine months to see! My friend Hala has made the cutest baby and he’s so tiny I could’ve just put him in my handbag and taken him home. But I don’t think that would’ve gone down too well.

3) Last week I managed to do the unbelievably stupid thing of getting on the wrong train and ending up in Stoke. On a week night. With no trains back south. Oh the hilarity. That in itself was shit, but the kindness of Virgin Train staff was unbelievable. They offered hugs, hot chocolates and a pass to get back home the next day for free. Amazing customer service.

4) I had lunch with the wonderful Claire at The Life Goddess, somewhere I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I had a delicious beef dish on orzo with goats cheese and a good old natter to go with it too.

Greek lunch at The Life Goddess in London
Photo by Claire

5) My mum took me to Ikea which was kind but deadly as I spent a fortune. I bought a hatstand, for goodness sake.

6) I spent all of Saturday sanding a mirror and then painting it. In fact, by the time I was done, it was dark outside and I couldn’t take a decent photo of it, so that will come when it’s in situ in my new flat. Did I mention I’m in my new flat? NEW FLAT. Look at my view from this evening!

Sunset from rooftops

7) I got to hang out with one of my besties THREE TIMES this week: once at the pub, once on the drive back to London, and once at yoga where I swore loudly at her whilst I got cramp in my foot and fell down. She’s a keeper.

8) On Saturday morning I sat three inches away from the TV screen as wonderful Katie Brennan was interviewed on Sky News for her Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘. I’ve seen the show twice in London and it is bloody hilarious and involves the best 90s medley you could ever imagine. If you’re in that part of the world over August, you must go and see her!

Katie Brennan Quarter Life Crisis

9) I spent a few hours in Blackheath at a friend’s and the place is just littered with beautiful houses and I want them alllllllll.

Detached house in Blackheath with camper van outside

I hope you’ve all had a great week!


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