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OK, I’ve moved. I’m in. I am 100% back in London and things are just about getting back to normal after that whole ‘quit my job, travel the world’ situation that just kind of happened. I can’t even believe that that was this year, it feels like decades ago already!
So yes, I am super late with this post because when I am not unpacking or working, I am prioritising sleeping and eating, even though I really do want to be blogging. But there were some super lovely things that happened last week, so let’s just dive right in:

1) Moving day went surprisingly well. I mean, aside from my beautiful vintage armchair getting wedged in a doorway, my key getting stuck and getting a thousand bruises on my legs from carting boxes up the world’s narrowest spiral staircase. BUT I’M HERE NOW SO IT’S OK.

2) Thanks to the wonderful Fii answering my Twitter plea, I found a reasonably priced stockist for the cleanser I fell in love with in Seoul and I’ve ordered three! It’s this one, FYI:

Image source

3) I’ve found a lovely little coffee place around the corner from my flat which does a stellar latte and has some rather pretty floor tiles to stare at whilst I wait for my caffeine fix.

Mismatched tiled floor

4) I had a final evening with my family before moving out (again) and we played Scrabble. I came last which never happens and I drank a lot of gin to make up for it.

5) Erica and I went to the launch of a new brekkie and lunch spot in London Bridge called Carve. They serve up individual portions of meaty meals, fresh from the carvery with some bloody delicious sides to go with it. One of my favourites was the fish cakes with scrambled eggs for breakfast, and the pork belly with mac & cheese for mains.

Red neon sign at Carve, London

6) I came home to a lovely bunch of flowers from my housemates to welcome me to my new home. So sweet of them!

Pink bunch of flowers

7) On Monday I saw the wonderful Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at Islington Assembly Hall with Charley, Ashley and her husband Marc. We had a good old sing-a-long and I came home hoarse but happy.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros London show 2016
Pic by Charley

This week is shaping up to be flippin’ amazing so I’ll try and keep on schedule for next Tuesday’s Added Extras!


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