Autumn/Winter Coats Wish List (because summer is over already)

Autumn Coats AW16


Top L – R: Phase Eight Puffer Coat, McQ Alexander McQueen Pink Crepe Coat, Warehouse Asymmetric Belted Coat
Bottom L – R: Therapy Suede Trench Coat, Creenstone Wool Overcoat, River Island Faux Suede Panel Coat

The weather this weekend was shocking. I wore a jumper and a jacket, but went mad and threw on sandals to lure out the sunshine and well, it didn’t work in my favour. So clearly autumn is coming and I cannot wait. I dress so well for colder months; I love layers and boots and coats. Coats most of all though and my staple for the last few winters has officially fallen apart and needs replacing. I can’t decide what type I want though.


I want all of the ones above. They’re not all exactly in my budget *cough* McQueen *cough*, but they give me an idea of what I should be looking for. I love a classic trench and the suede one from Therapy is fricking divine, but then that River Island panel one is ticking all the 70s vibes I love – I can see myself wearing it whilst wandering around a Christmas market clutching a pretentious coffee and being so toasty warm.


There is something about colder weather that makes me want to wear more colour (maybe it’s the same thing that makes me wear lots of black in summer…), but I know that really bold pieces aren’t necessarily going to be right to wear every day. Buuuuuuut I don’t care and I want them. How happy would the commuters of the northern line be when I rock up on a Monday in a bright pink crepe coat to brighten up their morning? Well, probably not as happy as I would be because it’s Alexander McQueen and I would be buzzing to wear it, but it’s perky regardless! And the Creenstone violet blue overcoat is so European city break chic. I’d wear it with heeled boots and black skinny jeans with a cross body handbag that’s too small to hold anything over the top.


But if I’m being sensible and going for my standard palette of black and grey, I am a huge convert of the puffer. When they resurfaced last year I was agog, but I bought a cropped version, moved on to a short jacket version and sod it, now I want the full blown thing. I love the high neck on this Phase Eight one and to be honest, I love a high neck on any coat. I’m one of those bury my face in material and ignore the world when the weather turns, so the Warehouse asymmetric coat ticks that box too, and as it’s short it’s ideal for autumn AND winter.


I think I’ve basically just talked myself into buying six coats for next season. Oops..


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